CASES - CASES Constitutions, legislatures, and...

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CASES Constitutions, legislatures, and administrative agencies encourage certain behavior and prevent other actions. But the boundaries of these laws are seldom self-explanatory. law must be interpreted. Case law is the collection of legal interpretations made by judges. An alternative name for case law is common law. These interpretations are law unless they are revoked later by new statutory law. Case law is especially significant for businesses because a modern business often operates in multiple legal jurisdictions. Because statutory laws are subject to interpretation, one court may have interpreted particular laws one way at one business location and a second court may interpret a similarly worded statute differently in a second business location. Courts issue judicial decisions that often include interpretations of statutes and administrative regulations. These decisions contain the reasoning used by the courts to arrive at their decisions.
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CASES - CASES Constitutions, legislatures, and...

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