Test 3 - 9. Who does FMLA protect? 10. What is the process...

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Test 3 1. What is historical school? 2. What is legal realism? 3. What kind of logic is needed when there is a legal problem? 4. What does the followers of legal realism argue about? 5. What are the basic principle of legal realism? 6. What are judges following legal realism most likely going to do? 7. What is the FMLA? 8. What does FMLA mandate?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Who does FMLA protect? 10. What is the process of cost-benefit analysis? 11. Where can you use cost-benefit analysis? 12. What did the EPA do that are harmful to the economy? 13. Define Law. 14. What is the purpose of law? 15. What is private law? 16. What is civil law? 17. What is a criminal law...
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