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Page 0 of 8 FINAL EXAMINATION CSE 12 UCSD practice REAL NAME: _________________________________________ LOGIN NAME: cs12__________ Final Examination CSE 12 UCSD (practice) RULES: 1. Don’t start the exam until the instructor says to. 2.. This is a closed-book, closed-notes, no-calculator exam. Don’t refer to any materials other than the exam itself. 3. Write your name, and your cs12 login name, on each page of the exam when you get to it. The last page is blank and can be used for scratch paper. 4. Do not look at anyone else’s exam. Do not talk to anyone but an exam proctor during the exam. If you’re wearing a billed cap, turn the bill around back or take it off. Turn off cell phones and pagers and mp3 players etc. 5. If you have a question, raise your hand and an exam proctor will come to you. 6. You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish the exam. When you are done, give your exam to a proctor. The proctor will check your picture ID and sign the ID check below. 7. Exam and course grades will be emailed to your cs12 accounts by Monday. Exams will be returned the third week of next quarter, in CSE student affairs offices. . # Type max pts actual pts 1. General TF 24 2. General FB 30 3. General MC 30 4. Heaps 12 5. Trees 20 6. Cost fns 24 TOTAL 140 grader:_____ PROCTOR ID CHECK:________________
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Page 1 of 8 FINAL EXAMINATION CSE 12 UCSD practice REAL NAME: _________________________________________ LOGIN NAME: cs12__________ 1. [24 pts.] (1pt ea correct, -1 pt ea incorrect, 0 pt ea blank) T rue or F alse: a. ______ In ADT design, implementation details should be hidden behind the interface. b. ______ The cells of an array are usually contiguous in memory; the nodes in a linked list are usually not. c. ______ A precise interface specification can only be implemented in one way. d. ______ Stacks, lists, and trees are examples of linear data structures. e. ______ If A is an interface, not a class, then you cannot declare a variable to be of type A . f. ______ A major advantage of arrays over linked lists is that it takes fewer steps to insert a new element at the beginning of a long array than at the beginning of a long list. g. ______ With unit testing, it us usually possible to test the mutator methods of a class independently of the accessor methods. h. ______ If searching for items in a data structure happens much more often than inserting and deleting items, a sorted array is a better choice than a binary search tree.
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fin.prac - pratice exam

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