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Page 0 of 4 MIDTERM EXAMINATION #1 CSE 12 practice REAL NAME: _________________________________________ LOGIN NAME: cs12 __ __ __ Midterm Examination #1 CSE 12 , UCSD (practice) RULES: 1. Don’t start the exam until the instructor says to. 2. This is a closed-book, closed-notes, no-calculator exam. Don’t refer to any materials other than the exam itself. 3. Write your name, and your cs12 login name, on each page of the exam when you get to it. Before you turn in your exam, make sure you have all the pages. The last page is blank and can be used as scratch paper. 4. Do not look at anyone else’s exam. Do not talk to anyone but an exam proctor during the exam. 5. If you’re wearing a billed cap, turn it so the bill is facing back, or take it off. Please turn off cell phones and pagers and mp3 players etc. 6. If you have a question, raise your hand and an exam proctor will come to you. 7. You have until the end of the class period to finish the exam. When you are done, give your exam to a proctor. The proctor will check your picture ID and sign the ID check below. 8. Your exam grade will be emailed to your cs12 account. Exams will be handed back in lecture. grader:______ PROCTOR ID CHECK:________________ # Topic max pts actual pts 1. General T/F 22 2. General F/B 12 3. Linked lists 21 4. General M/C 15 TOTAL 70
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