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11/28/11 12:50 PM P4 README Page 1 of 3 http://ieng6.ucsd.edu/~cs12f/Assignments/P4/README.html Programming assignment #4: CSE 12 Fall 2011 Here's a description of the fourth programming assignment for CSE 12, Fall 2011. In this assignment, you will implement a priority queue and in turn use it to implement the heapsort algorithm. Along the way you will get more experience with implementing Java interfaces and testing your implementations of them. >>> Due deadline: Due Fri Nov 18 12:00 noon >>> Required solution files: PQueueTester.java Heap12.java This means that the files that contain your solution to the assignment must be turned in by the due deadline by using the bundleP4 script while logged into your cs12 account on ieng6. If your file is turned in 24 hours or more before the deadline, you will get 1 additional point added to your programming assignment score. The turnin procedure as for previous assignments, and is described below in the section "Turning in your assignment" . It's a good idea to plan to do the assignment well before the deadlines; terminals and tutors can get very busy at the last minute. As always, keep in mind that in doing this assignment, it's your responsibility to understand and follow the course rules for integrity of scholarship. Getting started Review sections 7.8, 9.3, and chapter 10 of the textbook, and corresponding lecture notes. This assignment uses material introduced and discussed there. Create a directory named "P4" under your cs12 home directory to use for developing your solution to this assignment. Your solution to this assignment should be turned in from that directory by the due date and time. You will use the bundleP4 script to do that; see below . Copy the file PQueue.java from the ~/. ./public/P4/ directory to your P4 directory. This file defines the interface that you will be implementing in this assignment.
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P4 README - P4 README 11/28/11 12:50 PM Programming...

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