hw2 - CSE 100 W.A. Burkhard Programming Assignment Two Due:...

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CSE 100 Programming Assignment Two W.A. Burkhard Due: midnight Friday February 17, 2012 Separate Chaining Hashing Hashing provides an excellent table implementation technique with expected access times independent of the table size. We implement a polymorphic instance of the table data type using separate chaining hashing together with the move-to-the-front heuristic to determine it’s performance experimentally. Your assignment is to create the table implementation in C++. Table Data Type Here is a portion of the Table header describing the functionality you must provide within your implemen- tation. 1: typedef struct { double successful[2] , unsuccessful[2] ; } Perform ; 2: 3: template <class DATA> 4: class Table { 5: private : 6: 7: // your data structure implementation choices here 8: 9: public : 10: explicit Table ( unsigned int size = 5 ) ; 11: void clear ( ) ; 12: bool insert ( DATA & data ) ; 13: bool remove ( DATA & data ) ; 14: bool access ( DATA & data ) const ; 15: Perform perform ( ) const ; 16: list<DATA> & getOne ( unsigned int i ) ; 17: } ; The explicit Table constructor, with the default parameter, creates an empty table for DATA objects. The explicit “modiFer” avoids type conversion without explicit type casting. The default parameter assures a table of size Fve will be built unless another size is explicitly requested. The
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hw2 - CSE 100 W.A. Burkhard Programming Assignment Two Due:...

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