02 Endocrine System - Endocrine Physiology: Overview...

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Unformatted text preview: Endocrine Physiology: Overview & Principles Outline What will the endocrine section be like? - Understand how hormones work in your cells and human body, in health & disease- Overview of recent Fndings and how it is used in medicine & research- All tests only cover lecture material!! Why is endocrinology important? What are some basic principles of endocrinology? The endocrine system controls body fxns Hormone (i.e. Insulin) binds to Receptor -> Intracellular signaling pathways -> changes in Cellular activity -> cells communicate = whole body fxn altered- I.e. Growth hormone secreted during exercise -> binds to growth hormone receptor -> downstream signaling pathways (i.e. Kinase, multiple) = fat breakdown for muscle energy -> supply energy demands for exercise The endocrine system AND the nervous system controls energy balance- Systems do not exist in isolation from each other: - Known: insulin (secreted by pancreas) binds to liver cells = blood glucose uptake- Discovery ( Nature, 434:1026, 2005): Insulin action in the brain lowers liver glucose production in rodents- There may be a defect at the level of the brain, causing diabetes What is goal for endocrine physiology? Understand that physiological systems communicate with each other to alter body fxn. 1) How do hormones and receptors signal cells to change activity? 2) How do speciFc hormones control body in health and disease? I.e. Diabetes Many people are affected by endocrine disorders: Diabetes & Obesity- Interaction of lifestyle (i.e. lack of exercise, poor diet), genetic factors, etc. - Interaction of lifestyle (i....
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02 Endocrine System - Endocrine Physiology: Overview...

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