05 Adrenal Gland - Adrenal Gland the players? PSL302Y:...

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Hormone produced depends on which compartment of gland: - 2 compartments: Adrenal medulla (inner), adrenal cortex (outer) Hormones: - Epinephrine (catecholamine) - Acute stress hormone; rapid response - Cortisol (glucocortoid) - Chronic stress hormone; takes longer to produce and secrete - CRH (releasing hormone) - Brain neurotransmitter - ACTH (trophic hormone) - Melanocortin family (all come from same precursor gene, and upon splicing, produce diff hormone products) Epinephrine = adrenaline: “Fight or Fight?” Rapid stress response : Liver: glucose release ±at: fatty acid release Heart: muscle contraction Intestine: muscle relaxation Intestine, skin, kidney: arteriole constriction Muscle: arteriole relaxation How one hormone can cause so many effects: Hormone can bind to members of same family of receptors (receptors are diff isoforms) Steroid hormones, modi²ed from cholesterol by multiple enzymes, in a few tissues, cells I.e. Testosterone converted into estrogen by aromatase (enzyme in ovary) Why are speci²c steroids synthesized in speci²c adrenal cortex zones? Two compartments, cross-sectionally: medulla on top, cortex on bottom Where in each compartment are diff hormones synthesized? Hormone synthesis regulation: affect dept responsible for its synthesis Adrenal Cortex (outer) Adrenal Medulla (inner) Adrenal medulla = modified sympathetic ganglia Adrenal cortex = steroid factory Adrenal cortex: glucocorticoids eg. cortisol mineralocorticoids Adrenal medulla: catecholamines eg. aldosterone sex steroids eg. testosterone kidney epinephrine catecholamines medulla sex hormones zona reticularis Region 1 of 4
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05 Adrenal Gland - Adrenal Gland the players? PSL302Y:...

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