39 Chemical Regulation of Breathing

39 Chemical Regulation of Breathing - Chemical Regulation...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemical Regulation of Breathing Outline- How is CO 2 and O 2 monitored?- How do chemoreceptors infuence ventilation?- How is blood pH regulated?- What happens when these systems Fail? Textbook reading: 614-616, 672-674, 679-680 An experiment- Hold your breath. Time how long it takes beFore you must breathe.- Now take 10 deep breaths. Hold your breath again. Record the time beFore you must breathe. - Is there a diFFce? Why?- You can hold your breath longer aFter taking 10 deep breaths- When we take deep breaths, we regulate how much O 2 we need & how much CO 2 is in our blood Pulmonary ventilation matches O 2 consumption & CO 2 production- Require certain amt oF O 2 to consume to match O 2 uptake at tissues- Want to keep this lvl relatively constant- CO 2 lvls should also be kept constant- Deeper & Faster breathing: pulmonary ventilation ↑ means [O 2 ] brought in ↑ & [CO 2 ] ↓ Feedback regulation oF breathing- Component oF breathing regulated by [O 2 ] & [CO 2 ]- Work thru chemoreceptors : cause ∆ ventilation The Metabolic Hyperbola : ventilation ↑ arterial PCO 2 ↓- As breathing ↑ , more CO 2 “ blown off ” = PCO 2 ↓- IF ventilation ↓ PCO 2 ↑- Shape & position of metabolic hyperbola- Determined by rate of pdc° of CO 2 by metabolism Ai d l Lectu Respirat s Airways and lungs alveoli Mus pleura Respirato fun Pulmonary ventilation Gas excha Gas excha alveoli/blo blood/tissu pressures lung how much? properties Respiratory contr Exercise and ure 4 ory system structures scles Pulmonary circulation ory system nctions ange Gas Defense Vocalization ange ood ues Gas transport Acid/base balance O 2 CO 2 + H 2 H + + HCO3 ¡ ol d High Altitude Pulmonary Pulmonary Ventilation Ventilation Oxygen Oxygen stores stores Po Po 2 Metabolic Metabolic Oxygen Oxygen Consumption Consumption Metabolic Carbon Metabolic Carbon Dioxide Production Dioxide Production Carbon Carbon Dioxide stores Dioxide stores Pco Pco 2 Pulmonary Ventilation...
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39 Chemical Regulation of Breathing - Chemical Regulation...

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