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Unformatted text preview: Basic 5198 1 A Abandon Abandoned Abbreviation Ability Able Abortion About Above Abroad Absence Absent Absolute Absolutely Absorb Abstract Abuse Academic Accelerate Accent Accept Acceptable Acceptance Access Accessible Accident Accidental Accommodate Accommodation Accompany Accomplish Accomplishment Accord According Account Accountability Accounting Accuracy Accurate Accurately Accusation Accuse Accustom Ache Achieve Achievement Acid Acknowledge Acquire Acquisition Across Act Action Active Actively Activist Activity 2 Actor Actress Actual Actually Ad Adapt Add Added Addition Additional Address Adequate Adjective Adjust Adjustment Administer Administration Administrative Administrator Admiration Admire Admission Admit Adolescent Adopt Adoption Adult Advance Advanced Advantage Adventure Adverb Advert Advertise Advertisement Advertising Advice Advise Adviser Advocate Aesthetic Affair Affect Affection Afford Afraid African After Afternoon Afterward Afterwards Again Against Age Aged Agency Agenda Agent Aggression Aggressive Ago Agree Agreement Agricultural Agriculture Ah Ahead Aid Aide Aids Aim Air Aircraft Airline Airplane Airport Aisle Alarm Alarmed Alarming Album Alcohol Alcoholic Alien Alike Alive All Allegation Alleged Allegedly Alley Alliance Allied Allow Allowance Ally Almost Alone Along Alongside Aloud Alphabet Alphabetical Already Also Alter Alternative Alternatively Although Altogether Aluminum Always Am Amaze Amazed Amazing Ambassador Ambition Ambitious Ambulance Amendment American Amid Among Amongst Amount Amuse Amused Amusement Amusing An Analysis Analyst Analyze Ancestor Ancient And Angel Anger Angle Angry Animal Ankle Anniversary Announce Announcement Annoy Annoyance Annoyed Annoying Annual Annually Anonymous Another Answer Ant Anti Anticipate Anxiety Anxious Any Anybody Anyhow Anymore Anyone Anything Anyway Anywhere Apart Apartment Apologize Apology Apparatus Apparent Apparently Appeal Appear Appearance Applaud Applause Apple Application Apply Appoint Appointment Appreciate Appreciation Approach Appropriate Approval Approve Approving Approximate Approximately April Arab Arch Architect Architecture Area Arena Argue Argument Arise Arm Armed Arms Army Around Arrange Arrangement Array Arrest Arrival Arrive Arrow Art Article Articulate Artifact Artificial Artist Artistic As Ash Ashamed Asian Aside 3 Ask Asleep Aspect Ass Assault Assemble Assembly Assert Assess Assessment Asset Assign Assignment Assist Assistance Assistant Associate Associated Association Assume Assumption Assure Astonish Astronomer At Athlete Athletic Atmosphere Atom Atop Attach Attached Attack Attempt Attempted Attend Attendance Attention Attentive Attitude Attorney Attract Attraction Attractive Attribute Auction Audience August Aunt Author Authority Authorize Auto Automatic Automatically Automobile Autonomy Autumn Availability Available Avenue Average Avoid Avoidance Await Awake Award Aware Awareness Away Awful Awfully Awkward Axe B Baby Back Background Backward Backwards Backyard Bacteria Bad Badly Bag Baggage Bake Balance Balanced Ball Balloon Ballot Ban Banana Band Bandage Bank Banker Banking Bankruptcy Bar Barber Bare Barely Bargain Barn Barrel Barrier Base Baseball Based Basement Basic Basically Basin Basis Basket Basketball Bat Bath Bathe Bathroom Bathtub Battery Battle Bay Be Beach Beak Beam Bean Bear Beard Beast Beat Beautiful Beautifully Beauty Because Become Bed Bedroom Bee Beef Beer Before Beg Begin Beginning Behalf Behave Behavior Behavioral Behind Being Belief Believe Bell Belly Belong Below Belt Bench Bend Beneath Benefit Bent Berry Beside Besides Best Bet Better Betting Between Beyond Bias Bible Bicycle Bid Big Bike Bill Billion Bin Bind Biography Biological Biology Bird Birth Birthday Biscuit Bishop Bit Bite Bitter Bitterly Black Blade Blame Blank Blanket Blast Bleed Blend Bless Blessing Blind Blink Block Blond Blonde Blood Bloody Blow Blue Board Boast Boat Body Boil Boiling Bold Bolt Bomb Bombing Bond 4 Bone Bonus Book Boom Boost Boot Booth Border Bore Bored Boring Born Borrow Boss Both Bother Bottle Bottom Bounce Bound Boundary Bow Bowl Box Boy Boyfriend Brain Brake Branch Brand Brass Brave Bravery Bread Breadth Break Breakfast Breast Breath Breathe Breathing Breed Breeze Bribe Bribery Brick Bride Bridge Brief Briefly Bright Brighten Brilliant Bring British Broad Broadcast Broadly Broken Broker Bronze Brother Brown Brush Brutal Bubble Buck Bucket Buddy Budget Bug Build Builder Building Bulb Bulk Bull Bullet Bunch Bundle Burden Bureau Burn Burning Burnt Burst Bury Bus Bush Business Businesslike Businessman Busy But Butt Butter Butterfly Button Buy Buyer By Bye C Cab Cabin Cabinet Cable Cage Cake Calculate Calculation Calculator Calendar Call Called Calm Camera Camp Campaign Camping Campus Can Canadian Canal Cancel Cancer Candidate Candle Candy Cannot Canvas Cap Capability Capable Capacity Cape Capital Captain Capture Car Carbohydrate Carbon Card Cardboard Care Career Careful Carefully Careless Cargo Carpet Carriage Carrier Carrot Carry Cart Cartoon Carve Case Cash Casino Cast Castle Casual Casualty Cat Catalog Catch Category Catholic Cattle Cause Caution Cautious Cave Cd Cease Ceiling Celebrate Celebration Celebrity Cell Cemetery Cent Center Centimeter Central Centre Century CEO Ceremony Certain Certainly Certainty Certificate Chain Chair Chairman Chairwoman Chalk Challenge Challenging Chamber Champion Championship Chance Change Changing Channel Chaos Chapter Character Characteristic Characterize Charge Charity Charm Chart Charter Chase Chat Cheap Cheaply Cheat Check Cheek Cheer Cheerful 5 Cheese Chef Chemical Chemist Chemistry Cheque Chest Chew Chicken Chief Child Childhood Children Chill Chimney Chin Chinese Chip Chocolate Choice Cholesterol Choose Chop Christian Christianity Christmas Chronic Chunk Church Cigarette Cinema Circle Circuit Circular Circumstance Cite Citizen Citizenship City Civic Civil Civilian Civilization Civilize Claim Clap Class Classic Classical Classification Classify Classroom Clay Clean Clear Clearly Clerk Clever Click Client Cliff Climate Climb Climbing Cling Clinic Clinical Clip Clock Close Closed Closely Closer Closest Closet Cloth Clothe Clothes Clothing Cloud Club Clue Cluster Coach Coal Coalition Coarse Coast Coastal Coat Cocaine Code Coffee Cognitive Coin Cold Coldly Collaboration Collapse Collar Colleague Collect Collection Collective Collector College Colonial Colony Color Colorful Column Columnist Comb Combat Combination Combine Combined Come Comedy Comfort Comfortable Comfortably Coming Command Commander Comment Commerce Commercial Commission Commissioner Commit Commitment Committee Commodity Common Commonly Communicate Communication Community Companion Companionship Company Comparable Compare Comparison Compel Compelling Compensation Compete Competition Competitive Competitor Complain Complaint Complete Completely Completion Complex Complexity Compliance Complicate Complicated Complication Comply Component Compose Composition Compound Comprehensive Comprise Compromise Computer Concede Conceive Concentrate Concentration Concept Conception Concern Concerned Concerning Concert Conclude Conclusion Concrete Condemn Condition Conduct Conference Confess Confession Confidence Confident Confidential Confine Confined Confirm Conflict Confront Confrontation Confuse Confused Confusing Confusion Congratulate Congratulation Congress Congressional Connect Connected Connection Conquer Conqueror Conquest Conscience Conscious Consciousness Consecutive Consensus Consent Consequence Consequently Conservation Conservative Consider Considerable Considerably Consideration 6 Consist Consistent Consistently Conspiracy Constant Constantly Constitute Constitution Constitutional Constraint Construct Construction Consult Consultant Consume Consumer Consumption Contact Contain Container Contemplate Contemporary Contend Content Contest Context Continent Continue Continued Continuing Continuous Contract Contractor Contrast Contrasting Contribute Contribution Contributor Control Controlled Controversial Controversy Convenience Convenient Convention Conventional Conversation Conversion Convert Convey Convict Conviction Convince Convinced Cook Cooker Cookie Cooking Cool Cooperate Cooperation Cooperative Coordinate Coordinator Cop Cope Copper Copy Cord Core Cork Corn Corner Corporate Corporation Correct Correction Correctly Correlation Correspondent Corridor Corruption Cost Costly Costume Cottage Cotton Couch Cough Coughing Could Council Counsel Counseling Counselor Count Counter Counterpart Country Countryside County Coup Couple Courage Course Court Courtroom Cousin Cover Coverage Covered Covering Cow Coward Cowardice Crack Cracked Craft Crash Crawl Crazy Cream Create Creation Creative Creativity Creature Credibility Credit Creep Crew Crime Criminal Crisis Crisp Criteria Criterion Critic Critical Criticism Criticize Crop Cross Crowd Crowded Crown Crucial Cruel Cruise Crush Cry Crystal Cuban Cue Cultivate Cultivation Cultivator Cultural Culture Cup Cupboard Curb Cure Curiosity Curious Curl Curly Currency Current Currently Curriculum Curse Curtain Curve Curved Cushion Custody Custom Customary Customer Customs Cut Cute Cycle Cycling D Dad Daily Dam Damage Damn Damp Dance Dancer Dancing Danger Dangerous Dare Dark Darken Darkness Data Database Date Daughter Dawn Day Daylight Dead Deadline Deadly Deaf Deafen Deal Dealer Dear Death Debate Debris Debt Debut Decade Decay Deceit Deceive December Decent Decide 7 Decision Decisive Deck Declare Decline Decorate Decoration Decorative Decrease Dedicate Deed Deem Deep Deepen Deeply Deer Defeat Defend Defendant Defender Defense Defensive Deficit Define Definite Definitely Definition Degree Delay Deliberate Deliberately Delicate Delight Delighted Deliver Delivery Demand Democracy Democrat Democratic Demographic Demonstrate Demonstration Denial Dense Density Dentist Deny Depart Department Departure Depend Dependence Dependent Depending Depict Deploy Deposit Depress Depressed Depressing Depression Depth Deputy Derive Descend Descendant Descent Describe Description Desert Deserted Deserve Design Designer Desirable Desire Desk Despair Desperate Desperately Despite Dessert Destination Destroy Destruction Destructive Detail Detailed Detect Detective Determination Determine Determined Devastating Develop Developer Developing Development Developmental Device Devil Devote Devoted Diabetes Diagnose Diagnosis Diagram Dialogue Diamond Diary Dictate Dictionary Die Diet Differ Difference Different Differently Difficult Difficulty Dig Digestion Digital Dignity Dilemma Dimension Diminish Dine Dining Dinner Dip Diplomat Diplomatic Direct Direction Directly Director Dirt Dirty Disability Disabled Disadvantage Disagree Disagreement Disappear Disappearance Disappoint Disappointed Disappointing Disappointment Disapproval Disapprove Disapproving Disaster Disc Discipline Disclose Discomfort Discontent Discount Discourage Discourse Discover Discovery Discrimination Discuss Discussion Disease Disgust Disgusted Disgusting Dish Dishonest Disk Dislike Dismiss Disorder Display Dispute Disregard Disrespect Dissatisfaction Dissatisfy Dissolve Distance Distant Distinct Distinction Distinctive Distinguish Distract Distribute Distribution District Disturb Disturbing Ditch Dive Diverse Diversity Divide Divine Division Divorce Divorced DNA Do Dock Doctor Doctrine Document Documentary Dog Doll Dollar Domain Domestic Dominant Dominate Donate Donation Donkey Donor Door Doorway Dose Dot 8 Double Doubt Dough Down Downstairs Downtown Downward Downwards Dozen Draft Drag Drain Drama Dramatic Dramatically Draw Drawer Drawing Dream Dress Dressed Dried Drift Drill Drink Drinking Drive Driver Driveway Driving Drop Drown Drug Drugstore Drum Drunk Dry Duck Due Dull Dumb Dump During Dust Dutch Duty Dvd Dying Dynamic Dynamics E Each Eager Ear Early Earn Earnest Earnings Earth Earthquake Ease Easily East Eastern Easy Eat Eating Echo Ecological Economic Economically Economics Economist Economy Ecosystem Edge Edit Edition Editor Educate Educated Education Educational Educator Effect Effective Effectively Effectiveness Efficiency Efficient Effort Egg Ego Eight Eighteen Eighth Eighty Either Elaborate Elastic Elbow Elder Elderly Elect Election Electric Electrical Electrician Electricity Electronic Electronics Elegant Element Elementary Elephant Elevator Eleven Eligible Eliminate Elite Else Elsewhere Email Embarrass Embarrassed Embarrassing Embarrassment Embrace Emerge Emergency Emerging Emission Emotion Emotional Emotionally Emphasis Emphasize Empire Employ Employee Employer Employment Empty Enable Enact Enclose Enclosure Encounter Encourage Encouragement Encouraging End Ending Endless Endorse Endure Enemy Energy Enforce Enforcement Engage Engaged Engagement Engine Engineer Engineering English Enhance Enjoy Enjoyable Enjoyment Enormous Enough Enquiry Enroll Ensure Enter Enterprise Entertain Entertainer Entertaining Entertainment Enthusiasm Enthusiastic Entire Entirely Entitle Entity Entrance Entrepreneur Entry Envelope Environment Environmental Envision Envy Epidemic Episode Equal Equality Equally Equation Equip Equipment Equity Equivalent Era Error Escape Especially Essay Essence Essential Essentially Establish Establishment Estate Esteem Estimate Estimated Etc Ethical Ethics Ethnic Euro European Evaluate Evaluation 9 Even Evening Event Eventually Ever Everlasting Every Everybody Everyday Everyone Everything Everywhere Evidence Evident Evil Evolution Evolve Ex Exact Exactly Exaggerate Exaggerated Exam Examination Examine Example Exceed Excellence Excellent Except Exception Excess Excessive Exchange Excite Excited Excitement Exciting Exclude Excluding Exclusive Exclusively Excuse Execute Execution Executive Exercise Exhaust Exhibit Exhibition Exist Existence Existing Exit Exotic Expand Expansion Expect Expectation Expected Expedition Expense Expensive Experience Experienced Experiment Experimental Expert Expertise Explain Explanation Explicit Explode Exploit Exploration Explore Explosion Explosive Export Expose Exposure Express Expression Extend Extended Extension Extensive Extent External Extra Extraordinary Extreme Extremely Eye Eyebrow F Fabric Face Facilitate Facility Fact Factor Factory Faculty Fade Fail Failure Faint Fair Fairly Faith Faithful Faithfully Fall False Fame Familiar Family Famous Fan Fancy Fantastic Fantasy Far Fare Farm Farmer Farming Farther Farthest Fascinating Fashion Fashionable Fashioned Fast Fasten Faster Fat Fatal Fate Father Fatigue Fatten Faucet Fault Favor Favorable Favorite Fear Feast Feather Feature February Federal Fee Feeble Feed Feedback Feel Feeling Fellow Fellowship Female Feminist Fence Fertile Festival Fetch Fever Few Fewer Fiber Fiction Field Fierce Fifteen Fifth Fifty Fight Fighter Fighting Figure File Fill Film Filter Final Finally Finance Financial Find Finding Fine Finely Finger Finish Finished Fire Firm Firmly First Fiscal Fish Fisherman Fishing Fist Fit Fitness Five Fix Fixed Flag Flame Flash Flat Flatten Flavor Flee Fleet Flesh Flexibility Flexible Flight Flip Float Flood Floor Flour 10 Flow Flower Flu Fluid Fly Flying Focus Fog Fold Folding Folk Follow Following Fond Food Fool Foolish Foot Football For Forbid Force Forecast Forehead Foreign Foreigner Forest Forever Forget Forgive Fork Form Formal Format Formation Former Formerly Formula Forth Fortunate Fortunately Fortune Forty Forum Forward Foster Found Foundation Founder Four Fourteen Fourth Fowl Fraction Fragile Fragment Frame Framework Franchise Frankly Fraud Free Freedom Freely Freeze French Frequency Frequent Frequently Fresh Freshly Freshman Friday Fridge Friend Friendly Friendship Fright Frighten Frightened Frightening From Front Frontier Frown Frozen Fruit Frustrate Frustration Fry Fucking Fuel Full Fully Fun Function Functional Fund Fundamental Funding Funeral Funny Fur Furnish Furniture Further Furthermore Future G Gaiety Gain Galaxy Gallery Gallon Gamble Gambling Game Gang Gap Garage Garbage Garden Garlic Gas Gasoline Gate Gather Gathering Gay Gaze Gear Gender Gene General Generally Generate Generation Generous Genetic Genius Genre Gentle Gentleman Gently Genuine Geography German Gesture Get Ghost Giant Gift Gifted Girl Girlfriend Give Given Glad Glance Glass Glimpse Global Globe Glory Glove Glue Go Goal Goat God Gold Golden Golf Good Goodbye Goods Govern Government Governor Grab Grace Graceful Grade Gradual Gradually Graduate Graduation Grain Gram Grammar Grammatical Grand Grandchild Granddaughter Grandfather Grandmother Grandparent Grandson Grant Grape Grasp Grass Grateful Grave Gravity Gray Grease Great Greatest Greatly Greed Greek Green Greet Greeting Grey Grief Grin Grind Grip Grocery Gross Ground Group Grow Growing Growth Guarantee 11 Guard Guess Guest Guidance Guide Guideline Guilt Guilty Guitar Gun Gut Guy Gym H Ha Habit Habitat Hair Hairdresser Half Halfway Hall Hallway Hammer Hand Handful Handkerchief Handle Handshake Handsome Handwriting Hang Hanging Happen Happily Happiness Happy Harassment Harbor Hard Harden Hardly Hardware Harm Harmful Harmless Harmony Harsh Harvest Haste Hasten Hat Hate Hatred Haul Have Hay Hazard He Head Headache Headdress Headline Headquarters Heal Health Healthy Heap Hear Hearing Heart Heat Heating Heaven Heavenly Heavily Heavy Heel Height Heighten Helicopter Hell Hello Helmet Help Helpful Hence Her Herb Here Heritage Hero Hers Herself Hesitate Hesitation Hey Hi Hidden Hide High High-school Highlight Highly Highway Hike Hill Him Himself Hinder Hindrance Hint Hip Hire His Hispanic Historian Historic Historical Historically History Hit Hmm Hobby Hockey Hold Hole Holiday Hollow Holy Home Homecoming Homeland Homeless Homemade Homework Honest Honestly Honesty Honey Honor Hook Hope Hopeful Hopefully Horizon Horizontal Hormone Horn Horrible Horror Horse Hospital Host Hostage Hostile Hot Hotel Hour House Household Housing How However Hug Huge Huh Human Humanity Humble Humor Humorous Hundred Hundredth Hunger Hungry Hunt Hunter Hunting Hurrah Hurricane Hurry Hurt Husband Hut Hypothesis I Ice Icon Idea Ideal Identical Identification Identify Identity Ideological Ideology Idle Ie If Ignore Ill Illegal Illness Illusion Illustrate Image Imaginary Imagination Imaginative Imagine Imitate Imitation Immediate Immediately Immense Immigrant Immigration Immoral Immune Impact Impatient Implement Implementation Implication Imply Import Importance 12 Important Importantly Impose Impossible Impress Impressed Impression Impressive Improve Improved Improvement Impulse In Inability Incentive Inch Incident Include Including Inclusive Income Incorporate Increase Increased Increasing Increasingly Incredible Incredibly Indeed Independence Independent Index Indian Indicate Indication Indicator Indigenous Indirect Individual Indoor Indoors Industrial Industry Inevitable Inevitably Infant Infect Infected Infection Infectious Inflation Influence Influential Inform Informal Information Infrastructure Ingredient Inherent Inherit Initial Initially Initiate Initiative Injure Injured Injury Ink Inmate Inn Inner Innocent Innovation Innovative Input Inquire Inquiry Insect Insert Inside Insight Insist Inspection Inspector Inspiration Inspire Install Installation Instance Instant Instantly Instead Instinct Institute Institution Institutional Instruct Instruction Instructional Instructor Instrument Insult Insulting Insurance Insure Intact Integrate Integrated Integration Integrity Intellectual Intelligence Intelligent Intend Intended Intense Intensity Intent Intention Interact Interaction Interest Interested Interesting Interfere Interference Interior Internal International Internet Interpret Interpretation Interrupt Interruption Interval Intervention Interview Into Introduce Introduction Invade Invasion Invent Invention Inventor Inventory Invest Investigate Investigation Investigator Investment Investor Invisible Invitation Invite Involve Involved Involvement Inward Iraqi Irish Iron Ironically Irony Irritate Irritated Islam Islamic Island Isolate Isolated Isolation Israeli Issue It Italian Item Its Itself J Jacket Jail Jam January Japanese Jar Jaw Jazz Jealous Jealousy Jeans Jelly Jet Jew Jewel Jewelry Jewish Job Join Joint Joke Journal Journalism Journalist Journey Joy Judge Judgement Judgment Judicial Juice July Jump June Jungle Junior Jurisdiction Juror Jury Just Justice Justified Justify K Keen Keep Kettle Key 13 Keyboard Kick Kid Kill Killer Killing Kilogram Kilometer Kind Kindly Kindness King Kingdom Kiss Kit Kitchen Knee Kneel Knife Knit Knitted Knitting Knock Knot Know Knowledge Known Korean L Lab Label Labor Laboratory Labour Lack Lacking Ladder Lady Lake Lamb Lamp Land Landing Landlord Landmark Landscape Lane Language Lap Large Largely Laser Last Late Lately Later Latest Latin Latter Laugh Laughter Launch Laundry Law Lawmaker Lawn Lawsuit Lawyer Lay Layer Lazy Lead Leader Leadership Leading Leaf League Lean Leap Learn Learning Least Leather Leave Lecture Led Left Leg Legacy Legal Legally Legend Legislation Legislative Legislator Legislature Legitimate Lemon Lend Length Lengthen Lens Less Lessen Lesson Let Letter Level Liability Liar Liberal Liberty Librarian Library License Lid Lie Life Lifestyle Lifetime Lift Light Lighten Lighting Lightly Lightning Like Likelihood Likely Likewise Limb Limit Limitation Limited Line Linen Link Lion Lip Lipstick Liquid List Listen Listener Liter Literally Literary Literature Little Live Lively Liver Living Load Loaf Loan Lobby Local Locate Located Location Lock Lodge Log Logic Logical Lonely Long Longtime Look Loop Loose Loosely Loosen Lord Lorry Lose Loss Lost Lot Lots Loud Love Lovely Lover Low Lower Loyal Loyalty Luck Lucky Luggage Lump Lunch Lung M Machine Machinery Mad Madden Magazine Magic Magnetic Magnitude Mail Main Mainly Mainstream Maintain Maintenance Major Majority Make Maker Makeup Male Mall Man Manage Management Manager Managing Mandate Manipulate Mankind Manner Mansion Manual 14 Manufacture Manufacturer Manufacturing Many Map Marble March Margin Marine Mark Marker Market Marketing Marketplace Marriage Married Marry Mask Mass Massive Master Mat Match Matching Mate Material Math Mathematics Matter Maximum May Maybe Mayor Me Meal Mean Meaning Meaningful Means Meantime Meanwhile Measure Measurement Meat Mechanic Mechanical Mechanism Medal Media Medical Medication Medicine Medium Meet Meeting Melt Member Membership Memory Mend Mental Mentally Mention Mentor Menu Merchant Mercy Mere Merely Merit Merry Mess Message Messenger Messy Metal Metaphor Meter Method Metropolitan Mexican Mid Midday Middle Midnight Midst Might Migration Mild Mile Military Milk Mill Milligram Millimeter Million Millionth Mind Mine Mineral Minimal Minimize Minimum Minister Ministry Minor Minority Minute Miracle Mirror Miserable Misery Miss Missile Missing Mission Missionary Mist Mistake Mistaken Mix Mixed Mixture Mm Mobile Mode Model Moderate Moderation Modern Modest Modesty Modify Molecule Mom Moment Momentary Momentum Monday Money Monitor Monkey Monster Month Monthly Monument Mood Moon Moonlight Moral Morally More Moreover Morning Mortality Mortgage Most Mostly Mother Motherhood Motherly Motion Motivate Motivation Motive Motor Motorbike Motorcycle Mount Mountain Mouse Mouth Move Movement Movie Moving Mr Mrs Ms Much Mud Multiple Multiplication Multiply Mum Municipal Murder Muscle Museum Mushroom Music Musical Musician Muslim Must Mutter Mutual My Myself Mysterious Mystery Myth N't Nail Naked Name Narrative Narrow Nasty Nation National Nationwide Native Natural Naturally Nature Naval Navy Near Nearby Nearly Neat Necessarily Necessary Necessity Neck Need Needle 15 Negative Neglect Negotiate Negotiation Neighbor Neighborhood Neighboring Neither Nephew Nerve Nervous Nest Net Network Neutral Never Nevertheless New Newly News Newspaper Next Nice Nicely Niece Night Nightmare Nine Nineteen Ninety Ninth No Noble Nobody Nod Noise Noisy Nomination Nominee Non None Nonetheless Nonprofit Nonsense Noon Nor Norm Normal Normally North Northeast Northern Northwest Nose Not Note Notebook Nothing Notice Noticeable Notion Noun Novel November Now Nowadays Nowhere Nuclear Nuisance Number Numerous Nurse Nursery Nut Nutrient O O'clock Oak Oar Obedience Obedient Obey Object Objection Objective Obligation Observation Observe Observer Obstacle Obtain Obvious Obviously Occasion Occasional Occasionally Occupation Occupied Occupy Occur Ocean October Odd Oddly Odds Of Off Offend Offender Offense Offensive Offer Offering Office Officer Official Officially Often Oh Oil Ok Okay Old Olympic Olympics Omission Omit On Once One Ongoing Onion Online Only Onto Open Opening Openly Opera Operate Operating Operation Operator Opinion Opponent Opportunity Oppose Opposed Opposing Opposite Opposition Opt Optimistic Option Or Oral Orange Orbit Order Ordinary Organ Organic Organism Organization Organizational Organize Organized Orientation Origin Original Originally Ornament Other Others Otherwise Ought Ounce Our Ours Ourselves Out Outcome Outdoor Outdoors Outer Outfit Outlet Outline Output Outside Outsider Outstanding Outward Oven Over Overall Overcome Overflow Overlook Overnight Oversee Overwhelm Overwhelming Owe Own Owner Ownership Oxygen P Pace Pack Package Packaging Packet Pad Page Pain Painful Paint Painter Painting Pair Palace Pale Palestinian Palm Pan Panel 16 Panic Pant Pants Paper Parade Parallel Parcel Pardon Parent Parental Parish Park Parking Parliament Part Partial Partially Participant Participate Participation Particle Particular Particularly Partly Partner Partnership Party Pass Passage Passenger Passing Passion Passport Past Pasta Paste Pastor Pastry Pat Patch Patent Path Patience Patient Patriotic Patrol Patron Pattern Pause Paw Pay Payment Pc Peace Peaceful Peak Peanut Pearl Peasant Peculiar Peel Peer Pen Penalty Pencil Penny Pension People Pepper Per Perceive Perceived Percentage Perception Perfect Perfection Perfectly Perform Performance Performer Perhaps Period Permanent Permission Permit Persian Persist Person Personal Personality Personally Personnel Perspective Persuade Persuasion Pet Petrol Phase Phenomenon Philosophical Philosophy Phone Photo Photocopy Photograph Photographer Photography Phrase Physical Physically Physician Physics Piano Pick Pickup Picture Pie Piece Pig Pigeon Pile Pill Pillow Pilot Pin Pinch Pine Pink Pint Pioneer Pipe Pistol Pit Pitch Pitcher Pity Pizza Place Placement Plain Plaintiff Plan Plane Planet Planner Planning Plant Plaster Plastic Plate Platform Play Player Playoff Plea Plead Pleasant Please Pleased Pleasing Pleasure Plenty Plot Plough Plow Plug Plunge Plural Plus Pm Pocket Poem Poet Poetry Point Pointed Poison Poisonous Poke Pole Police Policeman Policy Polish Polite Political Politically Politician Politics Poll Pollution Pond Pool Poor Pop Popular Popularity Population Porch Pork Port Porter Portfolio Portion Portrait Portray Pose Position Positive Possess Possession Possessor Possibility Possible Possibly Post Poster Postpone Pot Potato Potential Potentially Pound Pour Poverty Powder Power Powerful 17 Practical Practically Practice Practitioner Praise Pray Prayer Preach Precious Precise Precisely Predator Predict Prediction Prefer Preference Pregnancy Pregnant Prejudice Preliminary Premise Premises Premium Preparation Prepare Prepared Prescription Presence Present Presentation Preserve Presidency President Presidential Press Pressure Presumably Pretend Pretense Pretty Prevail Prevent Prevention Previous Previously Price Pride Priest Primarily Primary Prime Prince Princess Principal Principle Print Printer Printing Prior Priority Prison Prisoner Privacy Private Privately Privilege Prize Pro Probable Probably Problem Procedure Proceed Process Processing Procession Processor Proclaim Produce Producer Product Production Productive Productivity Profession Professional Professor Profile Profit Profound Program Programming Progress Progressive Prohibit Project Projection Prominent Promise Promising Promote Promotion Prompt Promptly Pronounce Pronunciation Proof Proper Properly Property Proportion Proposal Propose Proposed Prose Prosecution Prosecutor Prospect Protect Protection Protective Protein Protest Protocol Proud Proudly Prove Provide Provided Provider Providing Province Provision Provoke Psychological Psychologist Psychology Pub Public Publication Publicity Publicly Publish Publisher Publishing Pull Pulse Pump Punch Punctual Punish Punishment Pupil Purchase Pure Purely Purple Purpose Purse Pursue Pursuit Push Put Puzzle Q Qualification Qualified Qualify Quality Quantity Quarrel Quart Quarter Quarterback Queen Quest Question Questionnaire Quick Quickly Quiet Quietly Quit Quite Quote R Rabbit Race Racial Racing Racism Rack Radar Radiation Radical Radio Rage Rail Railroad Railway Rain Raise Rake Rally Ranch Random Range Rank Rape Rapid Rapidly Rare Rarely Rat Rate Rather Rating Ratio Rational Raw Ray Razor Re Reach React Reaction Read Reader 18 Readily Reading Ready Real Realistic Reality Realize Really Realm Rear Reason Reasonable Reasonably Rebel Rebuild Recall Receipt Receive Receiver Recent Recently Reception Recession Recipe Recipient Reckon Recognition Recognize Recommend Recommendation Record Recording Recover Recovery Recruit Red Redden Reduce Reduction Refer Reference Reflect Reflection Reform Refresh Refrigerator Refuge Refugee Refusal Refuse Regain Regard Regarding Regardless Regime Region Regional Register Regret Regular Regularly Regulate Regulation Regulator Regulatory Rehabilitation Reinforce Reject Rejoice Relate Related Relation Relationship Relative Relatively Relax Relaxed Relaxing Release Relevant Reliability Reliable Relief Relieve Religion Religious Reluctant Rely Remain Remaining Remains Remark Remarkable Remedy Remember Remind Reminder Remote Removal Remove Render Rent Rental Rented Repair Repeat Repeated Repeatedly Repetition Replace Replacement Reply Report Reportedly Reporter Reporting Represent Representation Representative Reproduce Reproduction Republic Republican Reputation Request Require Required Requirement Rescue Research Researcher Resemble Reservation Reserve Residence Resident Residential Resign Resist Resistance Resolution Resolve Resort Resource Respect Respectively Respond Respondent Response Responsibility Responsible Rest Restaurant Restore Restrict Restricted Restriction Result Resume Retail Retailer Retain Retire Retired Retirement Retreat Return Reveal Revelation Revenge Revenue Reverse Review Revise Revision Revolution Revolutionary Reward Rhetoric Rhythm Rib Ribbon Rice Rich Rid Ride Rider Ridge Ridiculous Riding Rifle Right Rightly Rim Ring Riot Rip Ripe Ripen Rise Risk Risky Ritual Rival Rivalry River Road Roar Roast Rob Robbery Robot Rock Rocket Rod Role Roll Rolling Roman Romance Romantic Roof Room Root Rope Rose Rot Rotten 19 Rough Roughly Round Rounded Route Routine Routinely Row Royal Royalty Rub Rubber Rubbish Rude Rudely Rug Ruin Ruined Rule Ruler Ruling Rumor Run Runner Running Rural Rush Russian Rust Sack Sacred Sacrifice Sad Sadden Saddle Sadly Sadness Safe Safely Safety Sail Sailing Sailor Sake Salad Salary Sale Sales Salesman Salmon Salt Salty Same Sample Sanction Sand Sandwich Satellite Satisfaction Satisfactory Satisfied Satisfy Satisfying Saturday Sauce Saucer Save Saving Saw Say Scale Scan Scandal Scarce Scare Scared Scary Scatter Scenario Scene Scenery Scent Schedule Scheme Scholar Scholarship School Science Scientific Scientist Scissors Scold Scope Score Scorn Scramble Scrape Scratch Scream Screen Screening Screw Script Sculpture Sea Seal Search Season Seat Second Secondary Secrecy Secret Secretary Section Sector Secular Secure Security See Seed Seek Seem Seemingly Segment Seize Seldom Select Selected Selection Self Selfish Sell Seller Seminar Senate Senator Send Senior Sensation Sense Sensible Sensitive Sensitivity Sensor Sentence Sentiment Separate Separated Separately Separation September Sequence Series Serious Seriously Servant Serve Service Serving Session Set Setting Settle Settlement Seven Seventeen Seventh Seventy Several Severe Severely Sew Sewing Sex Sexual Sexuality Sexually Sexy Shade Shadow Shake Shall Shallow Shame Shape Shaped Share Shared Shareholder Shark Sharp Sharpen Sharply Shave She Shed Sheep Sheer Sheet Shelf Shell Shelter Shield Shift Shilling Shine Shiny Ship Shirt Shit Shock Shocking Shoe Shoot Shooting Shop Shopping Shore Short Shortage Shorten Shortly Shorts Shot Should Shoulder Shout 20 Shove Show Shower Shrimp Shrink Shrug Shut Shuttle Shy Sibling Sick Sickness Side Sidewalk Sideways Sigh Sight Sign Signal Signature Significance Significant Significantly Silence Silent Silk Silly Silver Similar Similarity Similarly Simple Simplicity Simply Simultaneously Sin Since Sincere Sincerely Sing Singer Singing Single Singular Sink Sir Sister Sit Site Situation Six Sixteen Sixth Sixty Size Ski Skill Skilled Skillful Skin Skip Skirt Skull Sky Slam Slap Slave Slavery Sleep Sleeve Slice Slide Slight Slightly Slip Slippery Slope Slot Slow Slowly Small Smart Smash Smell Smile Smoke Smoking Smooth Smoothly Snake Snap Sneak Sneeze Snow So Soak Soap Soar Soccer Social Socially Society Sock Sodium Sofa Soft Soften Softly Software Soil Solar Soldier Sole Solely Solemn Solid Solution Solve Some Somebody Someday Somehow Someone Something Sometime Sometimes Somewhat Somewhere Son Song Soon Sophisticated Sore Sorrow Sorry Sort Soul Sound Soup Sour Source South Southeast Southern Southwest Sovereignty Soviet Sow Space Spade Spanish Spare Spark Speak Speaker Special Specialist Specialize Specially Specialty Species Specific Specifically Specify Spectacular Spectrum Speculate Speculation Speech Speed Spell Spelling Spend Spending Sphere Spice Spicy Spider Spill Spin Spine Spirit Spiritual Spit Spite Splendid Split Spoil Spoken Spokesman Sponge Sponsor Spoon Sport Spot Spouse Spray Spread Spring Sprinkle Spy Squad Square Squeeze Stability Stable Stack Stadium Staff Stage Stain Stair Stake Stamp Stance Stand Standard Standing Star Stare Start Starter Starting State Statement Station Statistical Statistics 21 Statue Status Statute Stay Steadily Steady Steak Steal Steam Steel Steep Steer Stem Step Stereotype Stick Sticky Stiff Stiffen Still Stimulate Stimulus Sting Stir Stitch Stock Stocking Stomach Stone Stop Storage Store Storm Story Stove Straight Straighten Strain Strange Strangely Stranger Strap Strategic Strategy Straw Streak Stream Street Strength Strengthen Stress Stressed Stretch Strict Strictly Strike Striking String Strip Stripe Striped Stroke Strong Strongly Structural Structure Struggle Student Studio Study Stuff Stumble Stupid Style Subject Submit Subsequent Subsidy Substance Substantial Substantially Substitute Subtle Subtract Suburb Suburban Succeed Success Successful Successfully Such Suck Sudden Suddenly Sue Suffer Suffering Sufficient Sugar Suggest Suggestion Suicide Suit Suitable Suitcase Suite Suited Sum Summary Summer Summit Sun Sunday Sunlight Sunny Super Superior Supermarket Supervisor Supper Supplier Supply Support Supporter Supportive Suppose Supposed Supposedly Supreme Sure Surely Surface Surgeon Surgery Surname Surprise Surprised Surprising Surprisingly Surround Surrounding Surroundings Surveillance Survey Survival Survive Survivor Suspect Suspend Suspicion Suspicious Sustain Sustainable Swallow Swear Swearing Sweat Sweater Sweep Sweet Sweeten Swell Swelling Swim Swimming Swing Switch Swollen Sword Symbol Symbolic Sympathetic Sympathy Symptom Syndrome System T Table Tables Tablespoon Tablet Tackle Tactic Tag Tail Tailor Take Tale Talent Talented Talk Tall Tame Tank Tap Tape Target Task Taste Tax Taxi Taxpayer Tea Teach Teacher Teaching Team Teammate Tear Teaspoon Tech Technical Technician Technique Technological Technology Teen Teenage Teenager Telegraph Telephone Telescope Television Tell Temper Temperature Tempered Temple 22 Temporary Tempt Ten Tend Tendency Tender Tennis Tense Tension Tent Tenth Term Terms Terrain Terrible Terribly Terrific Territory Terror Terrorism Terrorist Test Testify Testimony Testing Text Textbook Texture Than Thank Thanks Thanksgiving That The Theater Theatre Theatrical Their Theirs Them Theme Themselves Then Theological Theology Theoretical Theory Therapist Therapy There Thereby Therefore These They Thick Thicken Thickly Thickness Thief Thigh Thin Thing Think Thinking Third Thirds Thirst Thirsty Thirteen Thirty This Thorn Thorough Thoroughly Those Though Thought Thousand Thousandth Thread Threat Threaten Threatening Three Threshold Thrive Throat Through Throughout Throw Thumb Thunder Thursday Thus Ticket Tide Tidy Tie Tight Tighten Tightly Tile Till Timber Time Timetable Timing Tin Tiny Tip Tire Tired Tiring Tissue Title To Tobacco Today Toe Together Toilet Tolerance Tolerate Toll Tomato Tomorrow Ton Tone Tongue Tonight Too Tool Tooth Top Topic Toss Total Totally Touch Touchdown Tough Tour Tourism Tourist Tournament Toward Towards Towel Tower Town Toxic Toy Trace Track Trade Trading Tradition Traditional Traditionally Traffic Tragedy Tragic Trail Trailer Train Trainer Training Trait Transaction Transfer Transform Transformation Transit Transition Translate Translation Translator Transmission Transmit Transparent Transport Transportation Trap Trash Trauma Travel Traveler Traveller Tray Treasure Treasury Treat Treatment Treaty Tree Tremble Tremendous Trend Trial Triangle Tribal Tribe Trick Trigger Trillion Trim Trip Triumph Troop Tropical Trouble Troubled Trousers Truck True Truly Trunk Trust Truth Try Tube Tuck Tuesday Tumor Tune Tunnel Turkey Turn 23 Tv Twelve Twentieth Twenty Twice Twin Twist Twisted Two Type Typical Typically Tyre U Ugly Uh Ultimate Ultimately Umbrella Unable Unacceptable Uncertain Uncertainty Uncle Uncomfortable Unconscious Uncontrolled Uncover Under Undergo Undergraduate Underground Underlying Undermine Underneath Understand Understanding Undertake Underwater Underwear Undo Unemployed Unemployment Unexpected Unfair Unfold Unfortunate Unfortunately Unfriendly Unhappy Uniform Unimportant Union Unique Unit Unite United Unity Universal Universe University Unkind Unknown Unless Unlike Unlikely Unload Unlucky Unnecessary Unpleasant Unprecedented Unreasonable Unsteady Unsuccessful Untidy Until Unusual Unusually Unwilling Up Update Upon Upper Uppermost Upright Upset Upsetting Upside Upstairs Upward Upwards Urban Urge Urgent Us Use Used Useful Useless User Usual Usually Utility Utilize Vacation Vaccine Vacuum Vain Valid Validity Valley Valuable Value Van Vanish Variable Variation Varied Variety Various Vary Vast Vegetable Vehicle Veil Vendor Venture Verb Verbal Verdict Verse Version Versus Vertical Very Vessel Veteran Via Victim Victory Video View Viewer Village Violate Violation Violence Violent Violently Virtual Virtually Virtue Virus Visible Vision Visit Visitor Visual Vital Vitamin Vocabulary Vocal Voice Volume Voluntary Volunteer Vote Voter Voting Vowel Voyage Vs Vulnerable W Wage Wagon Waist Wait Waiter Waiting Wake Walk Walking Wall Wallet Wander Want War Warehouse Warm Warmth Warn Warning Warrior Wash Washing Waste Watch Water Wave Wax Way We Weak Weaken Weakness Wealth Wealthy Weapon Wear Weather Weave Web Website Wedding Wednesday Weed Week Weekday Weekend Weekly Weigh Weight Weird Welcome Welfare Well West 24 Western Wet Whale What Whatever Wheat Wheel Wheelchair When Whenever Where Whereas Wherever Whether Which Whichever While Whip Whisper Whistle White Whiten Who Whoever Whole Whom Whose Why Wicked Wide Widely Widen Widespread Widow Widower Width Wife Wild Wilderness Wildlife Wildly Will Willing Willingness Win Wind Window Wine Wing Winner Winning Winter Wipe Wire Wisdom Wise Wish With Withdraw Withdrawal Within Without Witness Wolf Woman Wonder Wonderful Wood Wooden Wool Woolen Word Work Worker Working Workout Workplace Works Workshop World Worldwide Worm Worried Worry Worrying Worse Worship Worst Worth Would Wound Wounded Wow Wrap Wrapping Wreck Wrist Write Writer Writing Written Wrong Wrongly Y Yard Yawn Yeah Year Yearly Yell Yellow Yes Yesterday Yet Yield You Young Youngster Your Yours Yourself Youth Z Zero Zone ...
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