2010-2011iBT-TOEFL - http/www.ibtsat.com 2010-2011 iBT...

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3 无无无无无 http://www.ibtsat.com 2010 无-2011 无 iBT 无无无无无无无无无无无 众众众众众2010 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众 2009 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众 2011 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众 2010 众众众众众众众众众众 2011 众众众众众众众众众众众众 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众 众众众众众众^_^众 2011 无无无无无无无无无无 2011 众 01 众 15 众众众众众众众众众众众众 Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research while others think they should spend more time educating students. What is your view? (Education) 2011 众 1 众 21 众众众众众众众众众众众众众 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众 Do you agree or disagree the following statement 众 The rapid growth cities today's should have a positive effect of the development of the society. 2011 众 1 众 29 众众众众众众众众众众众众众 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy and less satisfied than people in the past. 2011 众 02 众 05 众众众众众众众众众众众众众 众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众众. 2011 众 02 众 05 众众众众众众众众众众众众众 Do you agree or disagree with the parents should let children make mistake and let them learn from their own mistake. 2011 众 02 众 26 众众众众众众众众众众众众众Young people have no influence on important decisions that determine the future of society as a whole. 2010 无无无无无无无无无无
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2012 for the course LTEN 87 taught by Professor Davidson.r.michael during the Spring '12 term at UCSD.

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2010-2011iBT-TOEFL - http/www.ibtsat.com 2010-2011 iBT...

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