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TOEFL Writing for - 《十天搞定托福作文》笔记 来自 taisha http/

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Unformatted text preview: 《十天搞定托福作文》笔记 ( 来自 taisha ) 首先在前面说一句,为什么要把准备托福作文的笔记发在 GRE 作文版: 0 K7 C# b: " e6 d, A 1、很多考 G 的朋友没有考过 T,反而忽略了很多基础的东西。 2、本人考过 G,5 天后考 T,直至前天仍然觉得这本书上如下内容的可操作性很强,遂与各 位分享。 3、支持 Dincyfeng 版主的年度大帖。 6 n! L0 B6 m) ~2 Y8 Z. I( E 4、攒人品。 # F3 H$ N7 t+ B' t" c# L) {( } 陈述完毕,有兴趣的浏览一下即可~ ^, n$ m' }( T4 _( O* U 献给 calmvalianceyy~ # z$ S1 w q) _ F 增加过渡段: A1 好。。。 A1 好,而且 A2 好。(这个“而且”,可以用科技发展啊技术进步啊之类的扩充) A2 好。。。 * S0 ]0 K! L& c3 y- B K+ h & R8 f9 r$ ?' V9 U- [' m 14 条万能理由: 与事物有关:效率、方便、经济、耐久、安全、空间。 与人有关:健康、乐趣、成就、性格、情感、交流、经验、他人。 理由的安排也要有逻辑顺序 ' y5 z1 {# v v' A- G! t5 N3 D 首段 要雕琢,要表现! * J2 L1 r/ M" O4 L J9 _9 r- q 1 、 排比反问: Have you ever been to the West Lake in Hangzhou City? Have you ever walked along the Long Corridor in the Summer Palace? Have you ever seen the red fallen leaves on the Fragrance Hill? + Z! w: N( b2 ]/ L If you have never had such experiences, you would never know how much fun outdoor activities could bring you. # L1 e( ]. m! x P 2 、 ' S6 ~1 z) f( I( _ p 背景知识式: 6 W& Z; {/ d6 R5 F3 D% @0 p+ v With the development of science and technology, more and more companies (including international companies and small companies) are founded, but there are not enough people to take these positions. So a large number of working opportunities are provided to people who are still teenager students. In some countries, some people think if teenagers do a job while they are still studying in school, it may have a bad impact on their grade. Others consider that teenagers should have jobs while they are still students. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter....
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2012 for the course LTEN 87 taught by Professor Davidson.r.michael during the Spring '12 term at UCSD.

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TOEFL Writing for - 《十天搞定托福作文》笔记 来自 taisha http/

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