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necessary writing materials

necessary writing materials - 2009 1 claim assert contend...

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托托托托托托托托托 2009 托托托 1. 持持持持: claim ( assert, contend, reckon, deem, share the belief that ) 2. 持持持持持/持持持持持: advocate (maintain, welcome, vote for, side with, be in favor of ) disagree(oppose, object to sth./doing sth., criticize, be against, cast doubt on, question, challenge, contradict*(持持), refute*持持) 托托托托托托 3. 持持 持about , regarding, concerning, involving, as regards, relating to, with respect to, with regard to , with referrence to, with relation to, pertaining to 4. 持 持 持 持 justified in doing sth. (rational, reasonable, sensible, feasible 持 持 , convincing) a boon to 5. 持持/持持持advantage (benefit, merit, the positive(bright) side, upside, boon, strength ) disadvantage( harm, demerit, negative(dark) side, downside, bane, weakness defect, flaw, drawback ) 6. 持 持 持 very, much, quite , fairly, pretty, considerably, extraordinarily, remarkably, amazingly, astonishingly, suprisingly, extremely, unusually, notably , noticeable, impressively , shockingly, overwhelmingly, strikingly, awfully, exceedingly, dramatically, strongly. 7. 持持/持持持持undoubtedly (indeed, undeniably, there is no denying/doubt that) be likely to ( potentially, presumably) 持持持持持 8. 持 持 持 持 clever, brilliant, smart, intelligent, wise, quick/sharp minded, bright, talented, gifted , quick-witted, advisable(持持持), ingenious . 9. 持持持持essential (significant, vital, crucial, critical, fundamental, indispensable, pivotal ) TO exersise is conducive to health be instrumental to a purpose 10. 持持/持持持持beneficial 持 conducive , instrumental, rewarding*(持持持)持TO detrimental 持harmful, virulent 持TO 11. 持 持 持 持 famous , well-known, famed, noted, celebrated, renowned, eminent, bear/ hold / enjoy a nation-wide/
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  • Spring '12
  • Davidson.R.Michael
  • Concord, sth, sth., sb. sth, ambitious持aspirant持持持持 aggressive 持持持, conserve sth

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necessary writing materials - 2009 1 claim assert contend...

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