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Unformatted text preview: 宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇宇 1) In the lecture (speech), the speaker (professor, lecturer, narrator, spokesman ) is mainly (basically, principally, largely 宇 highly) discussing (stating, narrating, exploring, probing into, identifying, examining, debating, arguing) ___1___, ____2____ and ______3_____ by using (quoting, citing ) a number (variety, host, world, group, multitude, quantity ) of (numerous) points (contents), challenging (1. casting doubt on, contradicting, refuting, questioning; 2. making a further explanation, accounting for, explaining, elucidating, illuminating) what are stated in the reading passage that _____1____, ____2_____ and ____3___. 2) According to this lecture (speech), it is evident that the speaker (professor, lecturer, narrator) has (basically, principally, largely 宇 highly) rendered (provided, offered, given) some messages on ___1___, ____2____ and _____3_____ , challenging (1. casting doubts on, contradicting, refuting, questioning; 2. making a further _____3_____ , challenging (1....
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