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Hamilton Tobar 31119575 IT 230 Fall 2011 Homework 3 1. Answer the following questions concerning Chapter 3. 3.1. The __D__ are the operating system settings that impose how the policy will be enforced. a. security policies c. security templates b. group policies d. configuration baselines 3.2. Instead of the Web server asking the user for the same information each time she visits that site, the server can store that user-specific information in a file on the user’s local computer and then retrieve it later. This file is called a(n) __A__. a. cookie c. ActiveX control b. bug d. script 3.3. A(n) __D__ is a computer programming language that is typically interpreted into a language the computer can understand. a. ActiveX control c. shell b. cookie d. scripting language 3.4. A __C__ is a cumulative package of all security updates plus additional features. a. service patch c. service pack b. hotfix d. security patch 3.5. __A__ is a Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) feature that prevents attackers from using buffer overflow to execute malware. a. DEP c. ASLR b. NX d. ASDEP 3.6. The goal of __B__ is to make it harder to predict where the operating system functionality resides in memory. a. DEP c. NX b. ASLR d. ASNX 3.7 __C__ is a language used to view and manipulate data that is stored in a relational database. a. CSS c. SQL b. XSS d. DEP 3.8 __B__ hinges on an attacker being able to enter an SQL database query into a dynamic Web page. a. XSS c. Script injection b. SQL injection d. Sandboxing
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3.9 Regarding e-mail, __A__ handles outgoing mail. a. SMTP c. IMAP b. POP3 d. SNMP 3.10 __B__, also called add-ons, represent a specific way of implementing ActiveX and are sometimes called ActiveX applications. a.
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HW3 - Hamilton Tobar 31119575 IT 230 Fall 2011 Homework 3...

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