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Physical Privacy – ETH 501 Trident University Module 3 Case Assignment ETH 501: Business Ethics Dr. Thomas Klein 5 September 2011 Physical Privacy Human genetic research has made great strides over the 67 years since O. Avery, C. MacLeod, and M. McCarty identified deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in 1944. That event has spawned a series of breakthroughs and advancements leading to the releasing of the sequence of the human genome and completion of the Human Genome Project’s in 2003. I nterest and support
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Physical Privacy – ETH 501 of genetics by the public, and researchers has increased because of the potential for human disease prevention, treatment, and cures in the future. Unfortunately, most of our familiarity with DNA testing comes from Maury Povich saying, “You are NOT the father!” That catchphrase from the popular Maury television show is usually followed by one of his guest running, screaming, and crying in anguish while the other is doing cartwheels and serving out high fives elated that he is not the biological father after the results of a paternity test. This ill-famed showcasing of genetic testing to determine paternity pales in comparison to the controversial and some say invasive employment practice of genetic testing in the workplace. The controversial use of genetic testing has raised questions of possible risks. I n many cases the risks are unknown or there hasn’t been any clear guidance for addressing them. The medical field has the ethical responsibility to not cause harm and to abide by HIPAA to protect the privacy of patients. What about employers? The purpose of this case study is to identify the most important facts surrounding genetic testing and physical privacy in the workplace. I will do this by addressing key concerns of work place genetic testing while specifying alternate courses of actions; address a utilitarian and deontological approach to identify key concerns of each of the stakeholders, and discuss the one thing that concerns me the most about genetic testing. Physical Privacy Why Do Employers Use Genetic Testing and Screening? Human genetic testing, also referred to as DNA-based test, is amongst the worlds newest
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ETH_501_Module_3_v5 - Physical Privacy ETH 501 Trident...

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