DECISIONS - DECISIONS In carrying out management functions,...

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DECISIONS In carrying out management functions, such as planning, organizing, motivating and controlling, a manager will be making decisions. Decision-making is a key management responsibility. Some decisions are of the routine kind. They are decisions which are made fairly quickly, and based on judgement. Because manager is experienced, he knows what to do in certain situations. He does not have to think too much before taking actions. Other decisions are often intuitive ones. They are not really rationally. The manager may have hunch or gut feeling that a certain course of action is the right one. He will follow that hunch and act accordingly. Many decisions are more difficult to make since they involve problem-solving. Very often, they are strategic decisions involving major courses of action which will affect the future direction of enterprise. To make good decisions the manager should be able to select, rationally, a course of action. This process consists of four steps: 1) As a fist step, the manager must indentify and define the problem. And it is
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