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Questions UNIT 1 Answer the questions on the text The Manager’s Role” Can the vice-chancellor of a university or a chief librarian be called managers? What is the classic definition of the role of management by Henri Fayol? Why do some writers disagree with this definition? Are all management jobs the same? How do managerial functions differ on different levels of management? What are the main responsibilities of managers according to Peter Drucker? What abilities do managers need according to Peter Drucker? Why do managers need analytical ability? How can a manager get people to do things efficiently? What does it mean to develop people? How to be a great manager Answer the following questions: 1. What are the four characteristics of successful managers? 2. Should great managers accept blame? Why? 3. Why is praise considered to be the most under-used management tool? (Why do managers seldom praise their subordinates?) 4. Why are managers who regularly give praise in a much stronger position to criticize or reprimand poor performance? 5. What is MBWA? Is it really necessary? 6. What does it mean “to judge on merit”? 7. Why do weak managers feel threatened by other people’s strengths? 8. What does the new approach to management imply? 9. Great managers make themselves redundant. How do you understand it? How to delegate Answer the following questions on the text: 1. Why are middle managers unable to delegate? 2. Is it easy to delegate? Why? 3. What are the advantages of decentralisation? 4. Why is it advisable to delegate the whole task to one person rather than dividing it through several people? 5. What disadvantages may a manager face when dividing the task through several people? 6. How can a manager select the right person? 7. What does the author mean by the words ‘authority should equal responsibility’? 8.
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ESP QUESTIONS - Questions UNIT 1 Answer the questions on...

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