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Transcriptional regulation of specific genes - 1. DNA-binding proteins and DNA regulatory domains : Three major domains -DNA-binding domain – recognizes a particular DNA sequence -trans-activating domain – bound to promoter or enhancer and suppress/activate the transcription of a gene -protein-protein interaction domain – allows transcription factors activity to work with other transcription factors In general, how do transcription factors interact with DNA? -specifically regulate particular genes -physically bind DNA -recognize specific DNA sequences What effect does transfection of cultured cells with MyoD1 have? -promotes muscle differentitation What role are MyoD1 , myogenin , and myf-5 thought to play in myogenesis (i.e., what are myogenic factors )? -myogenic factors – transcription factors responsible for promoting muscle cell differentiation; drive formation of muscle -MyoD1 and myf-5 – either is sufficient for muscle development; functional redundance -experiment – viral promotr drives high levels of MyoD1 of cell in somite (euroblast, fibroblast) myf5 or MyoD1 make mylblast (partially committed muscle cell) myogenin drives cell alignment myotube MRF4 (myogenic factors) create myofiber (muscle fiber) muscular contractions What is tissue specificity? -regulatory transcription factors direct expression of different cell types -homeodoman – important in specifying the anterior-posterior axis -basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) -basic leucine zipper (bZip) -Zinc finger – steroid hormone receptors – mediate effects of hormones on genes What role does pax-6 ( small eye ) / eyeless / aniridia play in specifying eye structures in diverse organisms? What
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Transcriptionalregulationandgeneexpression -...

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