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470Sex Determination - Sex Determination What differences...

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Sex Determination: What differences in Wolffian and Müllerian duct regression are there in the male and female reproductive systems? What do they become? -Wolffian duct: testis cords hollow out to form the seminiferous tubules and the germ cells migrate to the periphery to begin differentiation into sperm – the efferent ducts are part of the mesonepheric kidney and the Wolffian duct connects them to the testes -differentiates into the epididymis and vas deferens -Mullerian duct: differentiates into female external structures (oviducts, uterus, cervix, and upper vagina) -all of the oogonium cells a female will ever have are supplied during fetal development How do the parts of the primitive sex cords differentiate in males and females? -primary sex determination: genetically male or female – gonads (testes/sperm or ovaries/oocyte) -secondary sex determination: external phenotype outside gonads – duct stem and external genitalia What does Müllerian inhibitory substance ( hormone ) do?
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