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Zoo 470 – 2012 – Problem Set #2 Name: Kelly Engbring Student Number: 9061526837 1. While he was a postodoctoral fellow, Francisco Pellegri, now in our own Genetics Department here at UW- Madison, worked on a zebrafish mutation known as nebel (German for "fog"), in which the early localization of the mRNA for the zebrafish homologue of vasa , a component of germ plasm, is disrupted. In addition, cells in the blastodisc of the early embryo appear to fall apart, and do not display the typical tight association characteristic of normal early blastomeres. a. Because of the blastomere phenotype, Francisco examined β -catenin localization in nebel mutant embryos. In which location where β -catenin is normally found would you expect it to be absent in such embryos? State your reasoning ( 3 points ) β -catenin would not be present at the cleavage planes. In wild-type embryos, the β -catenin protein is enriched at mature cleavage planes and in membrane vesicles near the forming cleavage furrow. The nebel mutation is responsible for the lack of β -catenin protein at cleave planes. b. In nebel mutants, vasa RNA fails to translocate to its normal position, along the first cleavage furrow in the late 1-cell zygote. What technique did Francisco use to determine the position of vasa RNA in nebel mutants? ( 1 point ) Technique: Embryos were stained for vasa RNA using in situ hybridization, as well as colabeled to detect microtubules. Colabeling was used to detect microtubules in order to show cell morphology overall and to monitor the formation and distribution of microtubules c. What kind of protein does the vasa mRNA encode? Vasa, an RNA-binding protein that is an essential component of the germ plasm (
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470problemset2 - Zoo 470 2012 Problem Set #2 Name: Kelly...

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