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The Anatomy of Genes What are the basic steps in the production and processing of mRNA ? -Central Dogma – DNA transcription RNA translation protein How does chromatin structure affect the possibility of transcription? -DNA = chromatin + proteins modifications -chromatin protein is composed of histones – critical in repression of gene expression -nucleosome – basic unit of chromatin structure – octamer of histone proteins wrapped with DNA How do histone methylation/acetylation and DNA methylation affect the likelihood of transcription of a gene? -histone acetyltransferase – place acetyl groups on histones to destabilize nucleosome so it comes apart easily can readily transcribe -histone deacetylase – stabilize nucleosome and prevent transcription (strengthen repression) What is the promoter region? -RNA polymerase binds to DNA to initiate transcription – upstream of initiation site -contains TATA box, flanked by CpG islands (DNA regions rich in C and G nucleotides)
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