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Localized Determinants 1. Basic strategies of differentiation in the early embryo : How can localized determinants and inductive interactions be used to generate differences in early embryos, and how each contributes to autonomous and/or conditional specification in the early embryo. You should be able to work with both hypothetical situations and actual examples of each. Problem Sets #1 & 2 should have helped prepare you for how to work with localized determinants, for example. What is " germ plasm "? -specialized cytoplasm (germ cells = eggs/sperm) What are some components of P granules and other germ plasm (e.g., RNA helicases , mitochondrial “nuage”, etc.)? -mitochodrial “nuages” – mitochondrial cement – hallmark of the animal germ cell lines -RNA helicases -macroscopic cytoplasmic granules -probably acts as a localized determinant – influence differentiation by regulating gene expression 2. Germ plasm in C. elegans : What are P granules ? -localize to posterior pole prior to 1 st cleavage -ribonucleoprotein complexes critical for instructing P4 blastomere to become the germ line precursor
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470germplasmindifforganisms - Localized Determinants 1....

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