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Drosophila Syncytial blastoderm – desribes the Drosophila embryo since no cell membranes exist other than that of the egg itself cellular blastoderm – stage of Drosophila development in which all the cells are arranged in a single-layered jacket around the yolky core of the egg cellularization Maternal polarity centers segment polarity genes – Drosophila zygotic genes activated by the proteins encoded by the pair-rule genes whose mRNA and protein products divide the embryo into 14-segment-wide units, establishing the periodicity of the embryo denticle band - nanos – protein critical for the establishment of anterior-posterior polarity of the Drosophila embryo; mRNA localized to posterior pole bicoid – anterior morphogen critical for establishing anterior-posterior polarity in the Drosophila embryo -functions as a transcription factor to activate anterior-specific gap genes and as a translational repressor to suppress posterior-specific gap genes torso – genes that define the terminal boundary regions
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