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Keller Graduate School AC 592 Business Environment and Concepts JANUARY 2012 Syllabus Required Textbooks: The text for this course is the BECKER CPA REVIEW – Business Environment and Concepts (2012 Edition). Reading the text is essential for developing an understanding of each topic. Lectures are very helpful in focusing the student’s efforts on the most important and most likely tested areas. However, while they complement the textbooks, lectures don’t replace them. Class materials also include the Course CD that includes software to work the multiple-choice questions offline as well as the simulations. Students should view the Introductory Video included on this software before beginning the program of study. Course Objective: The goal of this course is to prepare students to pass the Business Environment and Concepts section of the Uniform Certified Public Accountants examination. The topics covered in this course include the topics listed in the content specification outline as published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Learning Approach and Materials Students will cover materials in the textbook in conjunction with the national instructors’ presentation of the materials in the lectures. In addition to covering content, students will work both case-based simulations and multiple-choice questions. Every problem-oriented question worked in class is taken from a prior CPA exam or created to assist in the student’s understanding of the course content. “Distracters” and “blind alleys” are identified as students read and answer questions. Finally, students receive solutions to the problems so they can compare their answers with the correct answers and receive immediate feedback on how they are doing. More importantly students will learn a problem-solving approach for them to efficiently get the correct answer to each question and the best method of setting up answers using various formats. All of these exam techniques are designed to help students maximize their points on the CPA exam. Course Structure: The course consists of lectures that will be covered on the following dates: Business Only Week of Courses JAN 23 B1 B2 JAN 30 B3 B4 FEB 6 B5 B6 Each lesson consists of reading assignments, a lecture, homework problems, and quizzes.
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AC592 2012 ONLINE SYLLABUS JAN 2012 - Keller Graduate...

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