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Objectives of the Operational Review Based on our preliminary review and discussions with you and your personnel, we believe that the objectives of the operational review of your company would be to: 1. Determine the organization structure and review the planning process within the company to make sure that a reasonable method is being used for short- and long-range planning and that the appropriate stakeholders are included. 2. Determine if systems and procedures of acquired companies are being absorbed into the parent company and that duplication of effort is reduced or eliminated. 3. Determine if all departments adhere to a consistent management philosophy and policies that are consistent across the company. 4. Identify opportunities for operational improvements within all functions of WorldCom. 5. Develop effective planning and budget systems that will assist your providing effective direction and guidance for the company and its various department functions worldwide. Scope of the Engagement Based on our discussions with you and the audit committee, as well as our preliminary review of your operations, we have identified the following areas for concentration in the review of your
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AC_562_Course_Project_Objectives_Scope_Approach -...

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