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Ais_Alt_Paper final - Privacy Management Privacy management...

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Privacy Management Privacy management is an integral part of any company in today’s market . It is has become such a major issue that members of the AICPA have voted it as the number two “2009 AICPA Top Technology Initiatives” and it is one the most widely discussed topics . It has become so important in today’s society, that it has enacted legislation for nearly every state in the country . It is also essential for the success of every company to sustain their clients trust and continue to operate . The main issues that are commonly discussed and I will be explaining are: why is it necessary for privacy management, what are some safeguards that can placed into businesses, what are the legal issues that can arise . What is Privacy Management? The AICPA describes Privacy Management as: “The right to privacy is a commonly assumed fact, and failure to protect sensitive information can cause serious damage to an organization's reputation and subject it to legal penalties . Privacy Management involves the strategies and safeguards used to protect the privacy of an organization’s records that include resources, restricted assets, personnel, client and customer personally identifiable information . Safeguards are enforced so that this information cannot be released to or accessed by unauthorized subjects . The initiative includes complying with local, national and international laws . Privacy management has become necessary in many more ways than one . It has not only become necessary because of the goal of sustaining clients and growing as a business to make money, but it has also been required by the state to have some form of controls to protect the privacy of their residents . By having strong privacy management controls companies are helping
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Ais_Alt_Paper final - Privacy Management Privacy management...

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