Ferret Out Spreadsheet Errors

Ferret Out Spreadsheet Errors - information is going, and...

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C) Errors easily found by the chart are the errors that would normally be found by the range limitations. The -40 and 400 are easily noticed and big variances from the normal data ranges. The limitations of these ranges could be that they don’t account for human errors that are made within the given ranges. For example, if 4 was entered instead of 40, no error message would occur. There is always an element of the possibility of human error, so it is important to double check and not fully rely on the range limitations. F) The Trace Precedents Tool is limited to the cells that are listed in the equation, if the equation from one cell is linked to another cell’s equation, then the precedents don’t follow both equations. For the most part, the Trace Precedents is a useful tool for following where the
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Unformatted text preview: information is going, and tracing the overall flow of information in your document. G) The only changes that needed to be made, were those that required updates in the equations to include the extra cells that were added. The Audit Tests and Validation rules didnt circle any of the information as errors, so I assume that there were no errors. The only thing I can see that could pose a problem, is that Young only had 35 hours, but still recorded 10 hours Overtime. It seems that he would have to satisfy a 40 hour minimum requirement before accumulating any actual Overtime pay. Other than that I dont see any problems with the new data added....
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Ferret Out Spreadsheet Errors - information is going, and...

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