Jan 2011 - Marx- communism is the end of history bc no more...

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Marx- communism is the end of history bc no more conflict to drive forward o Live up to full potential o Technology still in action Conflict- “motor” Technology Capitalism : “seed” is proximity of worker to each other o Class consciousness People will began to realize that it’s not each other that’s the source of problem, but it’s the capitalist . No “seed” in communism. There’s nothing for the “seed” to turn into. People have everything they need, no one really in charge (collective). Revolution -comfort of life (middle class) rather than being the super rich or the super poor. Marx wanted people to really see how capitalism really was (dissecting it). o Didn’t foresee middle class, labor unions (working in conjunction with capitalism), & “walmart”. We can afford (i.e. tvs) at the expense of someone making our products in other countries. o
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