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Final Paper-Economy - Shameka Kitchen Activity Paper...

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Shameka Kitchen 03/03/2010 Activity Paper: Economy Writing is very difficult for me, especially when I write about my many emotional battles and traumatic feelings. I decided to write a song, something I’ve always wanted to do, but never thought I could. It was a very difficult task to endure because the song was about my life, and I find my life overbearing at times. In spite the difficulty of the task at hand, I explored my alienation from my species being while writing this song. I realized I had never been this creative with words prior to this assignment. Exploring what was already naturally within me went in sync with my musicianship. In the music industry, artist rarely are told to write their own songs if they want to be the most popular item. So, having never explored my writing abilities with my songs before made me realize how the record label continues to make more money than I simply because I do not own any rights to my songs. In Karl Marx’s communist view, I have alienated myself from my natural being because of a capitalist society. Marx’s original idea of communism was not today’s definition of a communist nation. Alienation caused my species being to never come to surface. Under capitalism, people, or the proletariat, alienated their creativity in their work. The capitalists, or the bourgeoisies make money off their detrimental skills. The proletariat make just enough to survive while the bourgeoisie make all the money. I feel as though I live this life as a musician pursuing a career in the music industry and have realized many artists have experienced this same treatment. Being a musician in the music industry is competitive. In order to make money in the industry, one must write music that is popular, not necessarily creative. The best lyricist receives the most awards. If you are not able to sell anything, you will be replaced, your contract will be
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voided, and you will be fired from the label. Marx gives an example of this same situation as coworkers working on an assembly line together. The coworkers have to work competitively in order to keep their job. Whoever can make the most production at the least pay gets to keep their
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