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Jan 2011 1 - • Wages are the bare minimum for worker’s...

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Bourg. (own) Prol. (workers) Means of production o Private property shapes: this is the social system, “Mode of Production” Law enforcement Education Families Healthcare What you do makes you who you are What you do is the important thing Value: Speaking about commodities, things you can sell or buy (i.e. go to Mrs. Field to buy cookies instead of a friend making you cookies; cleaning your house vs being apart of a cleaning service) o Use -what it does (i.e. a bicycle-use it for transportation) o Exchange -what is it worth? Price? o Surplus - profit for the capitalist; measure of exploitation. Wanna sell at the highest price possible
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Unformatted text preview: • Wages are the bare minimum for worker’s reproduction. The capitalist want to pay the workers just enough to survive. • Marcuse’ Hegemony: dominant story told by the elite to explain and naturalize (the way things are) and support the status quo. It appears unquestioned and natural. This is just the way it is. • False consciousness is believing the Hegemonic story even to your own detriment. (boot strap myth) o If you are not successful, it’s your fault bc you didn’t work hard enough o It’s up to you, pull yourself up by your boot strap (this is the falseness)...
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