Midterm Exam - Queer Identities Midterm Exam An important...

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Queer Identities Midterm Exam An important note: You should not use any outside texts to answer these questions. Using other books or internet sources is cheating. Consulting other people, including people in this course, is cheating. Due Date: This is due in class on Monday, Ocrobter17th. If you do not turn it in 20 points will be deducted from your overall scores; 10 additional points will be taken off every day it is late after the first day. I. Matching: 20 points. 5 questions, 4 points each Please pick the best answer in the letter column for each question. Place the letter of the answer next to each question. _A_ (1) A framework which suggests that minorities should not be discriminated against because they are more like the dominant group than people realize _C_ (2) A political sex-positive framework which suggests people should revel in defiant and deviant sex _D_ (3) An early gay rights organization with a communist-influenced political structure _B_ (4) A 1990’s queer activist organization that suggested non-heterosexuals had no national affiliation to the U.S. nation-state and should only pledge allegiance to other queers _E_ (5) The routine mechanisms which normalize heterosexuality and make it seem natural and inevitable (a) assimilation model of political organizing (b) Queer Nation (c) sex radical (d) Mattachine Society (e) hetero-normativity II. Short Answer: 40 points. 5 questions, 8 points each Please write 3-5 sentences in response to each question. (1) Thinking about the article, Life During Wartime , how did this organization create a common sense model of political organizing? In the early stages of political organizing, it starts with a movement’s sustainability as Gould describes. Emotional languages helped verbally express the concerns of lesbians and gays, therefore, creating a normative outlook on the desires of pride and wanting to be accepted by the dominant society. Repressed feelings of fear, social rejection, and anger were turned into an emotion of action that geared towards
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Midterm Exam - Queer Identities Midterm Exam An important...

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