Reading responses - R3 In the opening sentence, the reader...

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R3 In the opening sentence, the reader is told that gays have two masters: liberal and conservative. Both do poor attempts on trying to make gay life possible in America as a whole. However, gays voted liberal and conservative, depending on which side fits them. There are even gay members appointed to the Presidential Cabinet. In order to live in a somewhat comfortable environment, gays move to big cities. The newly found queer community helps gays to be loyal to its straight counterparts in order to keep peace. No matter where they went, unfortunately, gays and queers were always subjects of bigotry. The book says that this is a war that may never end. R5 Information comes in many forms and changes over time. In 1994, sexuality was still suppressed by people. Homosexual’s sexuality did not even seem to exist before 1994. Lesbians became the target of pornography based on their sexual acts in the handbook Safer Sex Handbook for Lesbians. It was merely intriguing young lesbians about the safety of sex and how to protect yourself against HIV. Lesbians needed valuable information about their own sexual lives that could not be just self-explored. They could not get the information from anywhere else, and this was the first time that anything had been published about awareness. R6 People have been experimenting with sex since the age of time. Who are you to decide what someone can and cannot do with their own body? Queer identities are looked at as pornographic, wrong, and immoral in society, but society doesn’t decriminalize heterosexual pornography. We are all still sexually oppressed, whether you are straight or gay. Being criminalized for being gay is inhumane, but straight people don’t see it that way. Our freedom has been taken away by the government. The government has even turned gays, lesbians, and queers against each other because some queers want to be accepted by society and live an easy like in public. Public life should be easy going, not made to put fear into a person that in turns makes them uncomfortable. The status quo is never for the people. R7 Sexual liberation must prevail. You can’t order or force someone in how to love someone else. But putting homosexuality in the same category as terrorism is just ignorant. There have been gays since the beginning of time! Straight people are ashamed of what is different because it doesn’t fit the status quo. Being left in the closet as a gay, lesbian or queer will only last for so long. Their voices WILL BE HEARD, even by straight people who don’t even realized that there is no such thing as bad publicity. R9 When you’re gay, you are not looked at by your color. You are already oppressed because you do not fit in the majority of society. Hatred for gays has grown. Police are suppose to help fight for rights, and yet they use their power to break down gays and use force to do so. White upper class men get to freely express their sexuality and power in TV, magazines, books, the internet, etc. People who are oppressed have to form groups
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Reading responses - R3 In the opening sentence, the reader...

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