chap4productioncostrepoert - (4) (5)= (3)/(4) Beg. WIP INV...

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Dr.Kiani Acct. 230 Chapter 4: Production Cost Report----Using Weighted Average Method (WA) 1. Physical Flow Beg. WIP Inv. xxx +Units started in process xxx ----------------- Total units to be accounted for xxx =========== Units completed & T/O xxx + End. WIP Inv. xxx ------------------- Total units accounted for xxx ============ 2 . Equivalent Units of Production DM CC Units Completed & T/O xxx xxx + % of End. Inv. xxx xxx ---------- ----------- Total EUP xxx xxx ======= ======= 3. Cost Flow (1) (2) (3)=(1)+(2)
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Unformatted text preview: (4) (5)= (3)/(4) Beg. WIP INV Costs Added TC EUP Cost/EUP DM xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx CC xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total costs to be Accounted for xxx xxx xxx xxx ===================================================== 4. Total Costs Accounted for. . Costs Assigned---Cost Summary TC for units completed & T/O xxx + Cost of End. WIP Inv. xxx----------------TC accounted for xxx ==========...
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chap4productioncostrepoert - (4) (5)= (3)/(4) Beg. WIP INV...

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