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Armstrong v. Rohm Company, Inc. Issue Did Rohm breach the contract with Armstrong? Rule Contract - 1)offer 2)acceptance of offer 3)consideration to support each party's promise. Between parties who have 1) capacity to contact and must be 2) legal. 1) Offer - This is it- if you agree to these terms, we have a contract. Must be present intent to contract. 2)Terms must be definite and clear. Application Armstrong argues that Rohm made an offer to supply the all the work that Armstrong can handle in the ceramic grinders business. Armstrong accepted that offer by leaving from his company, opening up shop and taking the work from Rohm. Even though the volume of work was low in the beginning, Armstrong was told it was because demand is low and Rohm does not have as high a demand. It was clear to Rohm that the amount of work being given to Armstrong was not enough and that is why Rohm had to clarify the reason, because it was not meeting the promised
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Unformatted text preview: amount of work. Rohm argues that there was no clear offer of a specific amount, Rohm stated that they will give Armstrong as much work as they can handle and did not intend to form a contract based on a vague figure Rohm argues no offer was made to Armstrong because the terms for now clearly explained such as delivery time, quality standards, price and cost. Rohms argues without the clear definition of the terms, it is impossible to support each party's promises, as they are too vague to keep true. Conclusion No Rohm did not breach a contract with Armstrong, because no contract was formed in the first place. The vague promise by Rohm to Armstrong in the form of "Don't worry, we'll take care of you", does not meet the requirements to form a contract....
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