Boy v Johnson PC9 Brief

Boy v Johnson PC9 Brief - The Boy argues that even if did...

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Boy v. Johnson (pc9 p391) Issue Can Johnson recover his baseball card due to lack of capacity by the boy. Rule Contract 1)Offer 2)Acceptance 3)Consideration Capacity - the ability to incur legal obligations and acquire legal rights. Disaffirmance - the right by a minor to avoid a contract. Ratification - affirms the contract and surrenders the right to avoid. Application Johnson argues that the boy was a minor and did not have legal capacity to enter into a contract and purchase a baseball card from the clerk for $12 dollars. Johnson also argues that the contract should be disaffirmed due to the lack of capacity in the formation of the contract.
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Unformatted text preview: The Boy argues that even if did lack capacity to form a contract, the clerk at the card store sold him the baseball card for $12 and the boy paid for the asking price. The boy argues that Disaffirmance is a right by the minor to avoid the contract as a shield to protect against adults, in this case the adult may not invoke disaffirmance as he is not a minor. Conclusion No Johnson may not recover his baseball card due to lack of capacity, because the right form disaffirmance is to minors....
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