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Calabro PC1 Brief - between both sides and accepted when...

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Belinda Hope Calabro(Daughter) v. Arthur Donald Calabro (Father) Issue Was there a consideration between Calabro and her father? Rule Consideration - is a 1) legal value (act or promise) 2) bargained for (agreed exchanged terms) and 3) given in exchange for an act or promise. promisor - making promise promisee - receiving promise gratuitous -free (gave nothing and received nothing) Application Belinda argues that there was a legal promise, in this case a promise to pay her through education by her father Arthur if, Belinda is able to attend a university and receive 10,000 in financial aid. The bargain was between Belinda and Arthur it stipulated that if Belinda received $10,000 in financial aid her father in exchange would pay remaining expenses. The bargain was offered
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Unformatted text preview: between both sides and accepted when Belinda entered Vanderbilt University, received financial aid in excess of $10,000 and her father paid for the support for a full year. Arthur argues that there was no legal value, as what he was offering to his daughter was gratuitous. He did not receive anything in return, but paid Belinda money that exceeded what her financial aid was offering. Arthur agrees that there was a bargain between and he did keep his end of the deal by paying for her education from 1991-1992. Conclusion No there was no consideration between the Calabro's because, the legal value did not exist. Arthur was offering a gratuitous item (money for Belinda's education) and receiving nothing in return...
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