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Cantu PC7 Brief - Cantu v San Benito Consolidated...

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Cantu v. San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Issue Did San Benito accept Cantu's offer via mail? Rule Offeree - the one receiving Offeror - making the offer. Contract - an exchange of promises. Mailbox rule - where properly addressed and dispatched acceptance can become effective when sent. Acceptance - 1)present intent to accept 2) same terms (mirror image rule) and 3) communicated to offeror. Application San Benito argues that Cantu had present intent to contract because on August 18, 1990 hand- delivered a letter of resignation effective August 17. San Benito agreed the terms are the same because Cantu wanted to resign and have her last paycheck forwarded to McAllen. On August 20 about 5:15pm San Benito agreed to the terms and communicated the offer by sending the acceptance of resignation via postal mail. San Benito argues that the Mailbox rule does apply because Cantu moved 50 miles as indicated by her forwarding address of her paycheck and it was only logical to send her acceptance of resignation by mail. As per the mailbox rule a
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