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Gonzalez v. Garcia Issue Can Gonzalez recover for negligence from Garcia? Rule assumption of risk - is the plaintiffs voluntary consent to a known danger. implied - plaintiffs knowledge and voluntariness inferred from the facts. comparative negligence - courts seek to determine the relative negligence of the parties and award damages in proportion to the degree of negligence determined. Negligence is a duty owed to a plaintiff, that was beached by the defendant that caused injury to the plaintiff and the injury was from the breach of the duty . Application Gonzalez argues that Garcia owed duty, because it was foreseeable that when Garcia drove while intoxicated with a blood alcohol level .20% an increased likelihood of any accident will occur. Garcia was drunk, refused Gonzalez to drive and got into a car accident. Garcia got into a car accident that injured Gonzalez. Gonzalez would not have been injured, but for the fact that Garcia drank, got behind the way and had a one-car accident. Garcia argues that even though a duty was owed to Gonzalez, Gonzalez assumed the risk by
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