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Green v Hickeys PC4 Brief

Green v Hickeys PC4 Brief - Green v Hickey(pc4 p432 Issue...

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Green v. Hickey (pc4 p432) Issue Can Hickey was specific performance on Green with the quasi-contract? Rule Contract - 1)Offer 2)acceptance 3)consideration Statute of Frauds - 1)Sale of Goods for $500 or more UCC Alternative means of Satisfying Sale of Goods contract - 1)Confirmatory memorandum between merchants 2)part payment or part delivery 3)admission in pleading or court 4)specially manufactured goods. Quasi-Contract - 1)Benefit conferred 2)knowingly accepted and 3)retains will be unjust Application Hickey argues that when he sent a payment of $500 to Green, he conferred a benefit in order to purchase Green's lot and build a home. Green received the check from Hickey and accepted, because Green made no attempt to return the check or refuse the acceptance of the value. Hickey argues that by accepting the check, Hickey placed his house for sale and someone bought it, by retaining the land that was to be sold to Hickey, Green is being unjust. Green argues that no benefit was conferred to him, because when the check arrived for $500, no
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