Grunden-Martin Attached Brief

Grunden-Martin Attached Brief - Grunden-Martin v Fairmount...

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Unformatted text preview: Grunden-Martin v. Fairmount Issue Was Fairmount liable for a contract with Grunden-Martin? Rules Contract - 1)offer 2)acceptance of offer 3)consideration to support each party's promise. • Between parties who have 1) capacity to contact and must be 2) legal. 1) Offer - This is it- if you agree to these terms, we have a contract. Must be present intent to contract. 2)Terms must be definite and clear. Firm offer - Merchant offeror makes written offer to buy or sell goods, giving assurances that the offer will be held open. Application Grunden-Martin argues that he made an offer to Fairmount, when he wrote a letter on April 20 and stating "order for ten carloads of Mason green jars, state terms and cash discount". Grunden- Martin's offer was intent as the request was clearly made. Fairmount accepted this offer when he replied on April 20 with prices for fruit jars, cost per gross and indicating for immediate acceptance. Grunden-Martin immediately accepted the offer by Fairmount as he replied on April acceptance....
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