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Jason Jones v. Kappa Alpha (KA) Issue Can Jason recover for negligence from Kappa Alpha? Rule Negligence is a duty owed to a plaintiff, that was beached by the defendant that caused injury to the plaintiff and the injury was from the breach of the duty . assumption of risk - is the plaintiffs voluntary consent to a known danger. foreseeability : reasonably anticipate that damage or injury will probably ensue from acts or omissions. Application Jason argues that KA owed him duty, because it was reasonable for KA to know that continued hazing at 2:00am, pushing and kicking, paddling his buttocks and so forth will create an environment will Jason can sustain injury. KA breached this duty by contusing the hazing for a long period over a year, without respite. Jason hazing did not allow him to properly complete his assignments causing him to be suspended from Auburn University. The suspensions hurts him emotional and financially for the future, plus all the injuries from the hazing. KA was hazing Jason, which was a direct result of his injury.
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