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Jeff PC 10 Brief - wrote a note promising not to sell the...

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Jeff v. Jake Issue Did Jake break the offer made to Jeff? Rule Offer - 1)Present intent to contract 2) definiteness of terms and 3)communicated to offeree Offeree - the one receiving Offeror - making the offer. Contract - an exchange of promises. Acceptance - 1)present intent to accept 2) same terms (mirror image rule) and 3) communicated to offeror. UCC 2-207 - Uniform commercial code applied only to merchants, where small changes are considered amendments and not rejections of offer. Application Jeff argues that he had the present intent to contract because he asked Jake to hold the car until 8:00 tonight and should be considered a reasonable amount of time to purchase a car. Jeff argues that the terms were very clear, Jake was not going to sell the car until 8:00 and to show proof he
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Unformatted text preview: wrote a note promising not to sell the car before 8:00pm. The offer was communicated and agreed face to face with Jake and Jeff, along with a written promissory note. Jake argues that Jeff did not have a present intent to purchase the car, because the only reason he want to wait until 8:00 was to show the care to his wife. Jeff was not leaving to simply return with money and purchase the car. Jake argues that the promise note was not meant to be serious and that is why it was not signed. Jake agrees that the offer was communicated. Conclusion Jake did not break the offer with Jeff, because there was no offer made. The promise note was just that, a note and Jeff had no present intent to purchase the car, he only wanted to return with his wife to show her the car....
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