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Jonathan PC7 Brief - defendant. The plaintiff published a...

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John Riley v. Jonathan Harr (PC7) Jonathan - Author. John Riley - tannery owner. Issue : Can John (plaintiff) recover for defamation from Jonathan (defendant)? Rule : Defamation. 1) unprivileged 2)publication 3)false and defamatory 4)statements concerning another. Conditional privilege involves a statement made to protect or further the legitimate interest of another. Application : Information concerning the plaintiffs private actions were published in a book, written by the defendant. The information contained in the book, was false and defamatory towards the
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Unformatted text preview: defendant. The plaintiff published a book, with civil wrongs concerning the neighborhood which they are privileged to. The defendant was not the focus of the publication. The information published in the book was true and not a false statement. Conclusion : No, the plaintiff can't recover for defamation from Jonathan, because the plaintiff does not satisfy the defamation requirements. The published information was true and concerning for the public welfare. The defendant may not collect compensatory or punitive damages....
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