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Unformatted text preview: Jordan v. Knafel Issue Is Knafel liable for Fraud in the contract with Jordan? Rule Contract-1)Offer 2)Acceptance 3)Consideration Fraud - 1)one of material fact 2) made for the purpose of inducting the other party to act 3) known to be false or no reasonable grounds to be true and 4) was relied upon to economic loss (detriment)(in a tort action for damages) Application Jordan argues Knafel being pregnant was of Jordan's child is material fact, because in 1991 when she told Jordan about the pregnancy he was troubled and the only reason he considered forming a contract was because of Knafel being pregnant with Jordan's child. Knafel told Jordan so that he would take some sort of action, because as she contents they held several conversation to deal with the dilemma. Knafel did not have reasonable grounds to believe with certainty that Jordan was the father, because she was having unprotected six with other men during the same time. In August 1991 it was proven that Knafel did not have reasonable grounds to the truth, because the...
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