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Manning v. Grimsley Issue : Is the defendant (Grimsley) liable for battery towards the plaintiff (Manning), by his action of throwing and hitting Manning with a baseball? Rule : Battery - An act intending to cause a harmful or offensive contact with the person of the other or a third person, or an imminent apprehension of such contact. Or a harmful contact with the person of the other directly or indirectly results. Intent Application : The defendant threw the ball and hit the plaintiff. The ball connected with the plaintiff causing direct harm. The defendant was looking straight at the plaintiff and was intent on throwing the
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Unformatted text preview: ball in their direction. The defendant is a professional baseball player and can accurately throw in a given location. The defendant threw the ball towards the crowd without the intent to hit the plaintiff. The defendant was being bothered during his work by the plaintiffs. Conclusion : Yes, the defendant is liable for battery towards the plaintiff, because he is a professional baseball player, he can pinpoint where the ball lands. The ball flew and struck the plaintiff causing imminent harmful contact....
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