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William Skebba v. Jeffrey Kasch (p354) Issue Does promissory estoppel fulfill requirements of consideration between Skebba and Kasch? Rule Offer - 1)Present intent to contract 2) definiteness of terms and 3)communicated to offeree. Acceptance - 1)present intent to accept 2) same terms (mirror image rule) and 3) communicated to offeror. Consideration - is a 1) legal value (to act/not act without having a legal duty to do so) 2) bargained for (agreed exchanged terms) promisor - making promise. promisee - receiving promise. Offeree - the one receiving. Offeror - making the offer. Contract - an exchange of promises. Illusory Promises - lacking mutuality of obligation required for an agreement to be enforceable. Promissory Estoppel - A donative promise as a sufficient basis for enforcing the promise against the promisor. 1)Promise 2)Reliance and 3)Injustice Application Skebba argues that Kasch made a promise of three terms "pay Skebba $250,000 if 1) the company was sold; 2)Skebba was lawfully terminated; or 3) Skebba retried" if Skebba would
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