czech-midterm - ttSahil Khatod Czech Midterm Names and...

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Unformatted text preview: ttSahil Khatod Czech Midterm Names and Dates Sept 23, 1938- Czechs first get bombed by German Edvard Beneš- 1884-1948- foreign minister from 1918-1935 and then president of first republic 1918-1938: The First Republic: Czechoslovakia is a parliamentary democracy under President Tomáš Masaryk (1918-1935) and then Edvard Beneš (1935- 1938). September and October 1938: The Munich Agreement awards the Sudetenland to Germany. Benes emigrates to Britain; the right-wing, short-lived Second Republic is formed. After Munich conference- Czech feels that France did not follow through on a treaty and England was obsessed with peace—the USSR seemed to be the only one who did not sell them out because they were not involved. Jan Masaryk- Tomáš’s son and ambassador to Britain for Munich conference, foreign minister after WWII—commits suicide March 15, 1939: Hitler occupies the Czech lands and establishes the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Slovakia attains “independence” as a puppet state allied with Nazi Germany. Beneš- flees to England. September 1, 1939: Hitler invades Poland: beginning of World War II (1939- 1945). May 27, 1942: Czech paratroopers ambush and mortally wound Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi administrator of the protectorate, who dies several days later. The Nazis destroy the villages of Lidice and Ležáky in retaliation. May 5-8, 1945: The Prague Uprising against the Germans at the very end of the war. On May 9, the Soviet Army arrives to liberate Prague....
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czech-midterm - ttSahil Khatod Czech Midterm Names and...

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