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final - Czech history final How to spell names Vclav Havel...

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Czech history final! How to spell names Václav Havel Gustáv Husák Ivan Jirous Jan Patočka Ludvík Vaculík Articles to know The Ethics of Palach’s Deed—Eva kanturkova Jan Palach self-immolated in Jan 1969 after his demands for a free press and the end of the distribution of a propaganda paper. He followed in the footsteps of Bohemian religious leader Jan Hus who was burned at the stake as a heretic. He came right after the Prague spring, a period of opening. His sacrifice embodies the responsibility of someone who sees clearly, of someone who understands clearly the chaos and lack of ethics around him. His act was symbolic and such a great ethical act that his isolation only strengthens the symbolic significance. Independent thought—his suicide cedes the political ground. It allows the government to more easily describe him as a radical. What he did is complicated on the existential level—apply Havel’s living in the truth to his act and it is hard to understand it or recognize it as great or misguided The Rudolph Slansky Affair: New Evidence- Igor Lukes The new evidence explains that two American secret agents tried to recruit Slansky to the West after it seemed that he was falling out of favor. Moscow did not like his clean record and his loyalty—they saw is as a threatening sign. Former Czech military men attempted to recruit Slansky- stupidly. They sent a letter through a man who turned out to be double agent. Slansky then looked like he could potentially be a traitor, and for the climate in 1950—there was more than enough for a show trial—for people in the party to realize he must be killed and that he was “guilty” of something. It gave the StB a sense of legitimacy and convinced Gottwald that he was guilty- but Slansky never saw the letters. When the US found out about the former Czech military/intelligence operation, the people who wrote the letter, they were pissed. The people in OKAPI that launched the mission saw it as a success because it launched the insanity of the 1950’s—they are delusional Ivan Jirous—Report on the Third Czech Musical Revival Ivan Jirous captures the excitement of being part of the second culture as it grew from the third Czech Musical revival that begin in the early 1970’s, he says most likely in 1973. Music was pushed into official channels forcing rock musicians to
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abandon English and many rock musicians to become backup singers in pop bands. Amongst this tension with the official structures, The Plastic People of the Universe became symbols of rock music performing as the only true rock group left in Bohemia in little towns across the nation. New bands formed by 1973, including DG 307 which represented full freedom of expression—a living in the truth under post-totalitarian rule. The most interesting aspect of the article is the mutual hatred between the first and second cultures inside the Czech system.
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