Beauty Myth & Slenderness - September 20, 2011 The...

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September 20, 2011 The beauty myth is an unreachable culture ideal of feminine beauty that we use images of female beauty as a political weapon against women advancement. Iron Cage Max Weber philosophy -as we get to be a modern society we creates these bureaucratese in its effort to make us more efficient. As things were getting more advance, we needed specialist in different field. We can no longer be experts in everything but we get people professional called bureaucrat. Help us do more things efficiently and then they have underlying things that help them run. We think of inefficiently. The purpose was a bureaucratese was to make our lives easier. That which we created now imprison us. WE build them to help us, but now they trap us. You can’t do anything without talking to a agent first. We act like we didn’t create these things. They just ARE and we really have no choice. This notion of the beauty myth is based on a unachievable beauty standard. What we say is the ideal for most people, we cannot reach. The reason why it exists is to keep women down. It has gotten stronger and stronger as women gain gender equality. “Look pretty/thin in everything you do.” Doesn’t matter how success you get, you are still trapped by this unobtainable standard. The beauty myth is an iron cage just like beau are an iron cage. We have created it, but it imprisons women because we are always subjected to us no matter who we are. We hold women to a
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Beauty Myth & Slenderness - September 20, 2011 The...

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